Friday, February 12, 2010

Look what I did, mommy!

I had to resupply the house with Air Force Form #1,(toilet paper),and I was feeling lazy, sitting the 20 roll package on the landing instead of in the hall closet. One side was open and the little person discovered it and thought it was Christmas! She happily unwrapped 15 of them before being discovered.
How could I be angry? It looked like fun and she saved someone else from some hard work.

Can you make it to the couch?

We came home from a trip to the store and this is what happened after Chloe stepped in the house.
Pitiful, ain't it?

A new discovery!

While cleaning in the little girls room a couple of days ago, Chloe discovered the Viewmaster. First she didn't know how to look out of it and then she was so AMAZED! I was tickled as I pulled out the can that was filled with Viewmaster discs and saw her eyes enlarge as if she was saying "It comes with all of this? WOWEEE MAMA, THIS IS GREAT!" We took about 15 minutes looking and looking while all the time I was trying to show her how to use it. Now if only she would try to see more than one picture on the disc before she tosses them out.
Here's to learning!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back in the saddle again....

Well, it's been 2 looong weeks and I kept saying I needed to blog and I have pictures to prove it, but my gumption is well, pooped. You know how you mean to do something but as soon as you sit down to it, you get interrupted (cough, uhem, choke, uhem from the background. You ask, what is it? Then the perpertrators ask some loose minded question that could have been answered if they had actually THOUGHT about it!)
Oh yea, it's one of those weeks when you have to be 2 places at the same time and neither place is in the same county! Your poor husband is working 12+ hours and when you finally go to the checkup that you put off for weeks and weeks, the practitioner that you've never seen before tells you "Wow, you look tired!". My answer is, "Honey if you only knew half of what I've been going through!" Then she tells me my iron is horribly low and I need to take some iron pills that make me feel like, well, ILL and that she could prescribe something for my sleep issues, (did I tell you that I catnap at night, not SLEEP!) But for me to try and get some proper rest and all things I'm in charge of not fall apart is like IMPOSSIBLE!
So where was I going with this? I don't know, so I will silence myself and ramble on later when I can remember where I was going with this.

See You!