Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well, I have a little announcement........

I guess I have been hidden in deep dark England for so long that I forgot that most of you haven't seen me lately. If you have seen me then you know whats going on and if you haven't, then you ought to know by now.

There's a new addition coming to our house and it's a BABY!!! Okay, I said it- now you know!

But really, since I've gotten over the shock and surprise of it all, I am seeing that the children are looking forward to seeing the little person who has made their momma nauseated, tired, grumpy and plump. They'll be happy to have the REAL me back, whoever that was!
We are in the process of dejunking and simplifying (is that humanly possible?), so we have more time to really enjoy the blessings that God has given us and not have to be distracted with STUFF!

What are you doing to make your life simpler?
Let me know, send me ideas, HELP ME!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh my goodness!

Well, I thought I had blogged lately, but I guess my time is not the same as anyone elses.
We have been extremely busy here and I even had the chance to go back to the US for 5 days!!!! Wow! That place seems so strange after not being there for a while. I had an array of wonderful and gracious hosts while I was there. The reason I went was, A-My time is short before I HAVE to stay at home for several months. Can you guess why? And B-I really needed to get this certification done because I have been putting it off for over a year and the next class would be in July when I have guests and am stuck in the country for 2-3 months because of visa issues.

So there it is. I confess. I was gone, mentally and physically. My stamina is kaput and I am dragging again.

****UPDATE***** Phone just rang and it was a Dr telling me that my iron was horribly low. I refuse to take the sickness inducing iron pills they give me so I ordered some FLORADIX with Iron.

Well, I had better get some work done or I could get fired. Would it be so bad to lie around unemployed for a few days?

Talk to you sooner than the last time!