Tuesday, November 23, 2010

6 months old already?

Here's a "Happy Cheer" for Baby Dear who is 6 months old today!!!
I caught her scooting backwards in our bed, heading for mattress' end!
She is also cutting her two top teeth right now which means we have been in a lot of drool lately. She chews everything and soon her precious gummy smile will be changed by the appearance of teeth. She has been and is a beautiful blessing and healing from God.

What's happening?

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I "got busy". I have been living the insane life lately and frankly, I'm tired. I've been going to bed later and later and I'm feeling like an old bowl of oats. Pardon me, but I'm wrecked. This is the first time I can honestly say that I could really use a couple of naps each day. Preschooler isn't napping anymore and whilst Baby Dear is sleeping her way to beauty queen of the year, I am busy doing what most moms do while there is down time-cleaning.
I'm actually on the downside of household decluttering. There has been much improvement in the "I can't believe your drawer is full of clothes that are 2 sizes too small!" When all is said and done, my children might have a limited wardrobe, but their drawers and closets will be nice and neat!
Kitchen stuff is hard for me to get rid of. I just so love my kitcheny things. Who else can truly say, "I just LOVE my cookie sheets and my 5 quart stockpot-Oh it's the BOMB!" Is that sad or what? I have been blessed with many years of refining what works and what dosen't. About 3 weeks ago, our hard working can opener disappeared. No one knows any details about the kidnapping, but Mr has taken it really hard.e has searched every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen, to no avail. He's questioned everyone like we were criminals on "Law and Order". I eventually went out to buy a cheapie one to suffice until my new one comes in from the states. He took one look at cheapie and said, "When is the new one coming, this one stinks!!" That's the news from the kitchen front.
From the vehicular point of view, we found out that our yearly inspection expired on our van- in APRIL!! They don't mail reminders here and this inspection certificate is put away in a filing cabinet where it dosen't exist in my mind until he thinks of it, seven months later.......... Umm, that appointment is going to be made this week.
We have driven multiple runs each day for a variety of reasons. One day, I had to leave at 8 for an 8:15 appt, take Teenager to school, go to another appt for Preschooler, turn around and drive to pick up #3 child from Girl Scouts,go home, make dinner, grab #2 and 3 for karate and go to rehearsal for a play that #1 and I am in. At 9pm, I dragged myself home with 1,2 and 3 in tow, fed Baby Dear, made sure dinner was put up, showered and went to bed. Yes, I was tired and still am. Days like this used to be rare, but lately this has been the norm.
No more will this happen. I am just too tired. I used to deny how I felt, but I think this thyroid has gotten to me. It's probably mental, but I am dragging my bones around. Toting happy leaded Baby dosen't help either, but what's a mom to do?

I am slated to have half of the offending thyroid taken out on the 2nd of December. I'm not supposed to hold anything over 10 lbs for 2-3 weeks. I honestly don't know HOW I can't hold my baby for so long, but I'm thinking she is going to be a bit cranky till this time ends. Any thoughts? I'll take any opinions right now. Help!!!

Well, if I am to get to bed before the sun rises, I'd better get to sleep soon.

Blessings from England,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby wipes, Turtlenecks and the Banana of Doom?

It's Sunday evening and we had a loverly British dinner. Roast Pork with sage stuffing and some garlicky green beans. No dessert since I had made a giant-sized fabulous coffee cake for breakfast this morning and I left it on the counter all afternoon only to find 3 SMALL pieces left when I went in the kitchen to start dinner.
This morning we made it to church late again. This has been an ongoing problem for my family and we have come so far lately but today we dragged our feet again. Pray for us. I really dislike being late and disruptive. The church family is so graceful about it and try to encourage us, but oh, we fail. Nevertheless, we shall pick ourselves up and start over again. Thank God for new beginnings!
So our Sunday afternoon moved along with a quick trip to the bazaar to look for Christmas gifts.
This evening was a bit of a ruckus with the oldest and youngest hosting a sing along for the other children while Mr decided to clean out a kitchen cabinet that was driving him crazy. Every time HE opened it, there was an avalanche of cereal, marshmallows and cake mixes. Every time WE opened it, there wasn't. Seeing this as a conspiracy which should go no further, Mr took it into his own hands to tame this beast. And tame it, he did.
After all this excitement died down, Baby Dear decided that it was bedtime and if it's HER bedtime then Chloe needed to go too. We moseyed upstairs and since it was "that" time of the night, Chloe wanted to take a bath. I didn't feel like bathing her so she decided to lose her mind a nd have a fit. She moaned and groaned, whining all the way until April came upstairs to see what was the deal. I gave her a quick splanation and she did what she does best- calm little people down. Well, this time, she grabbed a plastic toy banana and shoved it in the back of Chloes turtleneck which sent her into a fit of laughter! Baby dear is on the floor watching the proceedings with great joy since her sister is such a source of happiness to her.With Chloe wrestling this banana out of her shirt, all the while twirling and whirling in circles, she manages to get her hand on the banana. She sends it flying through the air at a rapid speed and aimed at an innocent victim, Baby Dear! And do you know what? It hit her right in her plump tummy looking like the stem off the top of a cherry!She had this look on her face as if she was saying, "What was that for?". After calming her down, Chloe decided to get her pajamas on. Her shirt was the first thing to come off of her and since it was a turtleneck there was a bit of wrestling involved. Most of it was nearly off except for her head and when that part snapped off, it went flying through the air. Who was the victim of this clothes whacking? Baby Dear, who was just starting to fall asleep in my lap on the floor! My, my, this was not her night, but she calmed down quickly and fell asleep on the floor where this insane picture was taken.
Baby wipes? Hmmm, now I've forgotten what they had to do with this!