Friday, September 25, 2009

A bad cold

Well thank the Lord, the Dr confirmed that she has a bad cold and not strep or the flu. She can have all the cough medicine she needs and can go back to school on Monday. She missed a field trip and school pictures but those can be made up. I am just thankful that she is doing better and her fever is gone.

Have a well feeling weekend!

Four days and counting

Poor Elise has been at home sick for 4 days now. She has had a fever and although I took her in for a throat culture,NOPE-NO STREP! So I have been home remedying her with the pitiful stock I have left and it hasn't worked. Why don't they have REAL health food stores in this country??? All these vegetarians and no health food stores. I think they don't get ill here because they drink so much alcohol! Oh well, time to go to the DR. I think she might have bronchitis, but pray that it is just a bad cold.

See Ya!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Here's what I did today..........

It's Monday and I had a list to work from. There were at least 14 things to do in addition to the the "daily dozen". Top that off with a sick son, internet service that only seems to work when you cough, a toddler who wakes up with new forms of breaking and taking things to pieces, and me being quite moody lately and there is a recipe for what could be a bad day. Thankfully and mercifully, the house wasn't a wreck and I had already spent over an hour the night before getting control of the "laundry room typhoon".
So, my list consisted of these things:
1. Call maintenance-only hot water running out of tap in girls bathroom.
2.Repeat above call because our shower head won't stay in one spot.
3.Make appointment for Chloe's 2 yr checkup
3.Call Wyndons school and inform them of his illness
4.Inform housing about yard sale.
5.Order whatever is needed for Chloe's birthday.
6.Order Oregacillin.
7.Find pattern for potty training pants-Chloe.
8.Preorder tables for garage sale at outdoor rec.
9.Find a hanging clothes rack for the garage sale.
10.Order vitamins from Vitamin World.
11.Call Insurance company and obtain a new pediatrician.
12.Find a place to have Chloe's party at.
13.Cut up enormous pork leg into manageable sections, and use 1/3 of it for dinner.
14.Do whatever else I couldn't remember because I didn't write it down!

So that was my list and I was determined to get most of it done! Oh and for dinner I made shredded pork tacos (from scratch), crunchy slaw with radishes, cooked cabbage(for the toddler with very few back teeth), sliced tomatoes and all of the taco fixings.
Thinking back, that leg of pork weighed 14 1/2 pounds when I started and I only used 4 lbs for the tacos. So after the trimming and stuff, we have a large pork joint, complete with skin, one large hunk of butt roast, and a bag of pork skins ready to fry. Grand total for the whole piece of meat was $14.62, around $1.08 a pound versus already trimmed meat at $2.32 per pound.So a little time saved mea little money- more than half price!!!
Praise the Lord for a little math and some working arm muscles!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A weekend away

Whew! We had a busy and exciting week with moving on the 27th, school starting on the 31st, cleaning an entire house, Darryl working 12+ hrs and stress, stress, stress! What does one do about it all? Get away. So off we go to Fairford in the Cotswolds. Look up the Cotswolds online and see how beautiful it is- it is also very peaceful here and a great place to go for some peace and quiet.
We get to sleep late and go and see some of the lovely sights here. Today we went to Avebury stone circles which are similar to Stonehenge but better- you can actually go up to them, walk around and touch them. Also we went to Tilbury Hill- my mind is tired and there is a lot of typing involved with explaining what Tilbury Hill is, but you can look that up too. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of what we did today.
Enjoy the beautiful greenery and the long weekend!

Moving AGAIN!

Okay- I think I have had enough. We moved again last week and we weren't ready for it nor were we going out of our way to get organized. We let them pack and what we didn't want them to pack up , we packed the stuff ourselves. So we had several boxes to move ourselves- no problem. Then we had to clean the house we moved out of and poor Darryl had to work 12hr shifts for the days that we had to clean. One day, bleachy water was left in a bucket in the kitchen by a lady who was helping us. Darryl hadn't noticed it until Chloe sloshed her hand in it and stuck her bleachy watered hand in her mouth. We took her to the hospital and she was fine after a good rinse. Her guardian angel works overtime.
We finally finished the house and thank God, we passed inspection the first time. Now our efforts will go to organizing and decorating the new house and keeping my sanity while the praying and decision making about or future with the military stands.

Wanna come over and help open some boxes??