Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Korma of Death...

Since living overseas, we acquired a taste for unusual foods. That is, unusual for American people foods. We love Oriental food, French food, Polish food, German food and have a big love of Indian foods. So, when we went to our favorite scratch and dent store and they happened to have some great mixes for Indian foods that we like, we jumped at the boxes and bought a few.

It was late, Friday night and my oldest and I had been at a church function till late and didn't have a chance to eat a meal. We naturally assumed the best from the hubby and two older children, that they would get some food for us, but alas, they did not. I figured that we had several choices of leftovers so that we wouldn't starve, so I wasn't really worried. I toodled off to my bathroom and went to business doing a deep condition on my poor, tired, frazzled hair. A short while later, I came out of my room with a plastic bag on my head and to my nostrils awakening to a fond smell of something exotic, something distinctly delicious in the air.
 Oooooh, I wasn't a bit hungry and yet the smell convinced me to try some. I went to my laptop to send off an email and wait out my 20 minutes of deep conditioning.  The oldest slapped a small bowl of beef Korma Curry in front of me and whisked away to find a seat and try some also. I inhaled the savoury aroma of spices and took a forkful into my mouth then began to chew. I was waiting for all of the fond memories of our favorite restaurant to come back to me when I felt the beginning tinge of heat and tingle on my tongue. The feelings became more intense and before I knew it, my eyes were popping out, my tongue was hanging from my mouth and I was begging for some yogurt to extinguish the flames that had overtaken my senses. Simultaneously, my oldest began pulling ice cream out of the freezer as I was slinging yogurt across my mouth in a hasty attempt to get it inside quickly and spread it over the burning areas. She was doing the same but still eating forkfuls of the offending food at the same time! 
SADIST, she is, but I AM NOT!
 Thinking ahead, I wanted to be able to go to bed without the flames making their way to my chest and clutching my heart in an ashy grip of death.
 "This is NOT the Korma I remembered!" I shouted. "I didn't feel like I was dying after I ate it the last time!
Needless to say, I am headed to the fridge to retrieve a Guinness so that I may possibly sleep tonight. If it gets any worse, I'll guess I'll pour it down my nose.........

A quote from my son, "DANG, ya'll said it was hot, not magma!"