Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paris in Pictures, Part 3 of 6

Oh, what a beautiful morning to visit this loverly cathedral. Now why would there be men with automatic weapons here? It puts a damper on our visit.
(We found out later that this was the day which the Muslim burka law went into effect. The Muslim women could no longer wear face coverings. They protested here right after we left! What timing! Thank you Lord!)

Do you see that guy with the gun? My goodness!

Look at the beautiful statues!

The doors and carvings around them are so ornate!

Gargoyles. They are quite detailed also.

Notre Dame. Need I say more?

Paris in Pictures, Part 2 of 6

Another day in the life of Paris.....

Embarrassed, I must say that I forgot what this building was. If you really want to know, then ask me and I will look it up.
This is what happens when you walk around aimlessly in a foreign city!
Isn't it beautiful! The architecture is magnificent here!

This is an elementary school in the neighborhood we stayed in. You can only get in through the front gate and it has a really beautiful courtyard for the children to play in. Not much grass though. The preschool is on the left side of the photo.

These men clean the streets everyday! I really do mean everyday. Back in the olden days, the city folks from here used to throw their trash into the streets. They also(umm, how can I say this nicely?), urinated wherever they needed to. Some people still do this today. Hmmm, some habits are hard to break. (And bad ones are easily established.) So the city is the one elected to clean this up. I hate to say this, but some parts of the city were quite trashy. There was stuff everywhere! Other parts were quite clean. This happens everywhere, but the smell of urine here and there could really upset ones tummy. You have to ignore it and watch where you step since there could be dog poo on the sidewalk also. Next subject.

These are bikes that you can rent by the hour or by the day. They are everywhere!

If you peer into the background, you can see a famous landmark that we are headed to next- Notre Dame!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Paris in Pictures, Part 1 of 6

Since right now, I have an extremely busy toddler whom every crawl or step seems to be enshrined in near danger, I don't have much time to write. I shall let you see some what we saw.

The sitting room of our apartment. Oh, that's my little boy.
(Well, he used to be little!)

The following photos were taken in the Jardin du Luxembourg, a beautiful garden in south central Paris.

The sculptures, uhh, they are so realistic!

Luxembourg Palace, home of the French Senate is the lovely building in the background.

Ahhh, springtime! So beautiful with it's fresh blooming flowers!

You can rent a sailboat and let it sail on the little lake.
What's that hidden in the background?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggetty Jig!

We survived!
Yes a whole week in Paris was had by us all. (Some more than others. Poor Elise.)
We rented an apartment through, purchased a Eurotunnel frequent traveller pass, researched places to see and budgeted accordingly. Months in advance, we checked out library books, rechecked library books, listened to French language cds and practiced. Nothing could have prepared us for the real thing, but at least we were partially prepared. We made the 6 hour drive at an unGodly hour of the morning so we could be there bright and early.

We arrived last Saturday afternoon and checked out the local area. We just happened to be staying near one of the largest antique flea markets in Europe, so that was one of the places to go on our checklist. Most dealers wouldn't permit us to take pictures of their wares, but I did manage to get a couple of approved pictures from one.
Look at these great toys! they were made back when, well, way back when!

This is the view from the French windows in the sitting room.

A lovely, sunny day awaited us for at least 4 mornings and we only took light jackets to stay warm.

We ate fancy and delicious pastries every day. Morning and night. Here are a couple! (Sorry about the blurriness. Even the camera couldn't wait to dig in!)

Sometimes while walking and looking around town on top of being lost, you just ran into spectacular views of this popular icon.

There were other things to look at.... Like the use of gold on some beautifully ornate buildings.(Les Invalides in Paris, France.
Napoleon Bonaparte is interred in a sarcaphagus under this dome.)

There was so much to see and do, but we only had a week in which to see Paris. I guess we just have to go back....

More pictures in the next post.....
Flickr coming up also........

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Dear Friends and Family,

My little family and I are on vacation. We planned for months qnd saved for a long time so that we could make this a debt free and enjoyable visit. I am proud to say that so far this has been a great experience for family. I, on the other hand, am tired as all get out. The "sleeper" is not sleeping and I am going to bed later than 1 am each night and getting up at 6am-ish; My litle older body is pooped and I still seem to be tour guiding, cleaning AND washing the dishes! Is there any justice?
Well, sort of. At least justicecan come in many forms and the form I am choosing is pastry shaped! Where are these pastries I am getting, you say? The are from little shops surrounding my pastry weak natured body. Patisseries and boulangeries surround me every day and each day, I say "YES" to them!
You know where I am, don`t you?

PARIS, France!!!!!!!!!!!

(Pictures are coming!)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday April!!

We had a birthday girl this weekend! And yes, this is day 2 of the party which has to end tonight so we can get on with our week and our upcoming family vacation.
My baby turned 18!!!!!!!!!
She has been such a good and wonderful child to us. A blessing of the utmost sweetness. Her heart is gold and she is worth her weight in it!
God made her so I could have some peace and fun in my life. I do remember some years of teenage struggles but it was worth it all because I have the best daughter in the world!
Thank you Lord for April!

Her birthday menu consisted of Bacon and Swiss Panini, Cucumber & tomato salad, artichoke dip, a fresh veggie tray and a fresh fruit tray, pink lemonade and instead of cake, she wanted brownie sundaes!!
We had a "Sweet Shoppe" theme so we set up shop with an assortment of jars and bottles filled with candies. There were over 20 different kinds of candies in all!
It was a "sweet" party, (pun intended), for everyone.

But then, the after party began............ (Too much sugar, I think!)

Here is the final photo of the night.....

An answered prayer about "The child who dosen't sleep.............(much?)"

You wouldn't believe this. The day after I posted about the dark circles and sleeplessness invading my home, God answered my prayer! Little Miss Baby Dear passed out in her highchair while eating lunch! She didn't fuss or anything. She just sputtered and passed out! It was as if someone cut her lights off! I had to make sure by doing the dead arm drop, but she was really asleep! So for proof, I took a picture.

Here it is........

I could say that it got worse or I could say that you get what you ask for, but we went for a walk Saturday afternoon. She was sitting up in her stroller and I thought she was leaning forward to see more in front of her but just then, we hit a bump. Her face hit the tray in front of her and I expected a painful howl and tears all around. What I got was silence and even more slumping forward! I thought I had knocked her out but apparently she was already in La-la land!
My goodness! We shall see what happens this week with all of the sudden napping.