Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Anti-Vacation-It keeps on going........

My oldest child went out of town for about 5 days last week. She went to the beautiful city of Prague on a school trip. Yes, I said "school trip". She went for a Model UN debate and worked hard to get her resolution passed. She just happened to be representing China. Representing China on human rights. I know, everyone thinks that China is the bully of human rights and we can't all agree with what they do or don't do, but you have to walk in their shoes and do the best you can for your people.
Anywho, she went to Prague and had a good time except for someone stealing her phone at airport security. Yes, how ironic is that? I think they did it on purpose, but that's my theory.

So here was her daily schedule.
Touring- walking the city at a high rate of speed.
More touring.
Back to the room for a shower.
Model UN ceremonies.
After debate party or get together.
Delegation meeting.
Repeat for 4 days.
Come home exhausted!

So she came home 3 days ago and has been dragging ever since. her eyes are puffy and she has been getting ready for bed at 7 pm. This morning I asked her what was wrong with her? She laid in bed for an extra 20 minutes and when she finally arose and came down for breakfast, she said she was more tired from staying there versus just getting up and getting started with her day. Why was she so pooped since she just came back from a vacation-holiday???? She turned to me and with her bloodshot eyes said, "This wasn't a vacation! It was an anti-vacation!! They walked us to death and then we had to pull ourselves together after the 5 hours of nonstop walking to fight for our countries! Then we had to talk about it some more! I'm so tired!!"

She stumbled out the door 15 minutes later, late for school.

She's young and semi-resilient.
But hey, hmmm, anti-vacation. I think we have a new word!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Year and etc......

Okay, I AM a few weeks late, but I had a good excuse(reason), for not blogging. I was actually trying to rest and recuperate from my last surgery. The second was a lot harder than the first and I feel like a sluggard some days, but people keep telling me that once you get up in age, your body dosen't recover as fast as it used to. I must have aged a bunch in between the first and second surgeries because I'm dragging a lot more now.
The offending mass was sitting in my chest right on my aorta. It was a biggie- the size of a small melon is what the Dr described it as.
I am alive and thank God for it all!
Meanwhile, I look forward to a new year of enjoying the challenges and riches that God has in front of me.

P.S. We started Baby Dear on solids and this look says how she truly feels about new foods.