Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh no, not again!

Mr Thyroid is gone and his cousin Thymus is causing trouble.
Last Friday, before I went to get my stitches out, Old Doc wanted me to do a ct scan. I went early and did it then went home before my appt. I went back to the hospital for the appt and the Doc was downstairs in radiology discussing the findings of the ct scan.
RED FLAG!!!!! Hmmm, it took him a while to get upstairs to me and I could tell he had some news. He is such a sweetheart and I really get a kick out of his bubbly personality. He's the kind of person that you wouldn't mind being stuck in an elevator with because he's humorous and happy, no matter the circumstance.
Anywhoo, He told me that my thymus was enlarged. Mr Thyroid was big,but Cousin Thymus was gigantic and that's probably why they couldn't get the probe down my esophagus. My esophagus was being pushed aside by this gigantic mass and it was sitting on my aorta. It needed to come out and he wasn't the man to do it! Bless him. He knew when to call in reinforcements!!! He emailed another Dr in Cambridge and said that they would be contacting me so that I could be seen soon. We looked at the ct scan and he showed me all the exciting bits so I knew what he was talking about.
Hmmmmmm. Interesting.
The phone at home rang around 3pm and a loverly British accented lady named Beryle told me that I was to come to an appointment on Monday at Nuffield hospital. Now, I've been here many years and have seen that the British healthcare system does not work fast. Weeks and weeks pass and you are still waiting. This was a remarkable event! I was to be seen on Monday! And I was seen on Monday and guess what else? They are to do surgery on Friday! Miracles happen. Apparently this thing, Cousin Thymus, is really awful. As I was describing the new symptoms I have accumulated since the original surgery, the new Dr's eyebrows slowly creeped up his head. He looked quite concerned when I finished speaking to him. He declared that we needed to have surgery quite soon and the soonest he could do it would be Friday. So here we go again.

That's the latest update. Can you believe it?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Trails, Mr Thyroid

I didn't get to post for Thanksgiving since I was so busy cooking and eating. I didn't post afterwards because I was embarrassed about the lateness of it and also that we had NO guests since the weather made the roads slippery and our other guests had the flumonia that day. The week after began with me preparing for the upcoming thyroid surgery that I had come to grips that I was going to have to have in the next few years. This thyroid issue is something of a family curse just like the generational phrase I heard all of my lifetime in our small community in Texas.(Ohh, look over there. There's one of those Server women!!) Apparently the women in my family were quite the Cleopatra of the neighborhood.
So where was I? Oh yes, back on the thyroid again. So this problem dates three generations and dosen't seem to skip any woman in our family. About 75% have had surgery for this thyroid which enlarges and seems to make ones neck bulge. At least that's what happened to me. I went to the Dr for a new seasonal allergy medication and he felt my lymph nodes, stepped back and declared, "My goodness, we have to get a ct scan on that thyroid of yours!" As soon as he said thyroid, I knew I had a problem. You see, my mother passed away after having her thyroid removed just last year. She had many other complications that led to her death, but the word thyroid strikes fear in my heart. I did eventually see the ear, nose and throat Dr who said that if I began to have problems and I would know what problems they were, then we'd meet again and discuss what to do next.
Fast forward to October. I was having a few problems swallowing and couldn't seem to sleep on one side because of pressure on my throat so I made the call. Well, Old Doc said that we better get another ct scan and see what's going on. The ct scan revealed that it hadn't enlarged much, but was putting pressure on my throat. So what's next? Out he goes! Old Doc and I named this offender "Big Boy" and gave him an eviction date of Dec 2, 2010.
It had taken weeks to prepare for this and Mother Nature messed up my plans for childcare so "The Oldest" hesitantly stayed home from school to help out Mr.with the little ones. I was scheduled to show up at 06:30am for a suspected surgery time of 8:30am. I was running a bit late since we had no heat or hot water, and showed up about 06:50. I check in and waited until about 07:45. I thought they forgot about me and was talking myself into leaving and postponing the whole fiasco when they called my name. I nearly felt as if the executioner was waiting for me. I went back to the preop, dressed in the hospital garb of the day, in went the iv and minutes later, the multiple questionings began. In walks Old Doc with his happy self to mark up my neck with his initials and a diagram of the work to be done(just kidding). He at least had to mark the correct side he was to work on so that I wouldn't wake up with a lawsuit pending. Anywho, the nurse anesthetist and his colleague came and wanted my to suck on this lollipop made of a gauze, tongue depressor and a giant glob of numbing medication. When he asked me to do that, I looked at the colleague and rolled my eyes up heavenward relaying to him how i felt about the suggestion. He kindly spoke the words that I didn't say."I don't think so, buddy! You picked the WRONG person. I don't like lollipops!!!!"
Needless to say, the first fellow whipped out a syringe and pumped something into my IV and the last thing I remember is grabbing the colleagues hand and squeezing it for all it was worth!
Later that day............ I awakened with a really sore throat and could hardly speak. My neck was wrapped up and there seemed to be a constant stream of visitors to check on me. I sipped a bit of water and then some broth but it came back up. Oops! Nevermind, they'll feed me again later.
Old Doc came in and explained to me that there were a few twists during this surgery. They couldn't get this probe in my esophagus. It just wouldn't go down and that's when I grabbed the nurse's hand. He also sent a sample of the thyroid and thymus to the lab for a biopsy. Both samples came back negative for cancer.(Thank God!)
You can go home tomorrow......
I got home and Baby Dear boohooed on me for all she was worth! Oh did she cry! It's as if she was telling me what happened while I was gone, and scolding me for leaving and confessing that she wasn't treated right either! Then she nursed beautifully and has been ever since.
My scar isn't bad looking either. Nice and small and it will blend into the seam of my neck just beautifully!
Sorry I had to shorten this. More news to come later......

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

6 months old already?

Here's a "Happy Cheer" for Baby Dear who is 6 months old today!!!
I caught her scooting backwards in our bed, heading for mattress' end!
She is also cutting her two top teeth right now which means we have been in a lot of drool lately. She chews everything and soon her precious gummy smile will be changed by the appearance of teeth. She has been and is a beautiful blessing and healing from God.

What's happening?

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I "got busy". I have been living the insane life lately and frankly, I'm tired. I've been going to bed later and later and I'm feeling like an old bowl of oats. Pardon me, but I'm wrecked. This is the first time I can honestly say that I could really use a couple of naps each day. Preschooler isn't napping anymore and whilst Baby Dear is sleeping her way to beauty queen of the year, I am busy doing what most moms do while there is down time-cleaning.
I'm actually on the downside of household decluttering. There has been much improvement in the "I can't believe your drawer is full of clothes that are 2 sizes too small!" When all is said and done, my children might have a limited wardrobe, but their drawers and closets will be nice and neat!
Kitchen stuff is hard for me to get rid of. I just so love my kitcheny things. Who else can truly say, "I just LOVE my cookie sheets and my 5 quart stockpot-Oh it's the BOMB!" Is that sad or what? I have been blessed with many years of refining what works and what dosen't. About 3 weeks ago, our hard working can opener disappeared. No one knows any details about the kidnapping, but Mr has taken it really hard.e has searched every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen, to no avail. He's questioned everyone like we were criminals on "Law and Order". I eventually went out to buy a cheapie one to suffice until my new one comes in from the states. He took one look at cheapie and said, "When is the new one coming, this one stinks!!" That's the news from the kitchen front.
From the vehicular point of view, we found out that our yearly inspection expired on our van- in APRIL!! They don't mail reminders here and this inspection certificate is put away in a filing cabinet where it dosen't exist in my mind until he thinks of it, seven months later.......... Umm, that appointment is going to be made this week.
We have driven multiple runs each day for a variety of reasons. One day, I had to leave at 8 for an 8:15 appt, take Teenager to school, go to another appt for Preschooler, turn around and drive to pick up #3 child from Girl Scouts,go home, make dinner, grab #2 and 3 for karate and go to rehearsal for a play that #1 and I am in. At 9pm, I dragged myself home with 1,2 and 3 in tow, fed Baby Dear, made sure dinner was put up, showered and went to bed. Yes, I was tired and still am. Days like this used to be rare, but lately this has been the norm.
No more will this happen. I am just too tired. I used to deny how I felt, but I think this thyroid has gotten to me. It's probably mental, but I am dragging my bones around. Toting happy leaded Baby dosen't help either, but what's a mom to do?

I am slated to have half of the offending thyroid taken out on the 2nd of December. I'm not supposed to hold anything over 10 lbs for 2-3 weeks. I honestly don't know HOW I can't hold my baby for so long, but I'm thinking she is going to be a bit cranky till this time ends. Any thoughts? I'll take any opinions right now. Help!!!

Well, if I am to get to bed before the sun rises, I'd better get to sleep soon.

Blessings from England,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby wipes, Turtlenecks and the Banana of Doom?

It's Sunday evening and we had a loverly British dinner. Roast Pork with sage stuffing and some garlicky green beans. No dessert since I had made a giant-sized fabulous coffee cake for breakfast this morning and I left it on the counter all afternoon only to find 3 SMALL pieces left when I went in the kitchen to start dinner.
This morning we made it to church late again. This has been an ongoing problem for my family and we have come so far lately but today we dragged our feet again. Pray for us. I really dislike being late and disruptive. The church family is so graceful about it and try to encourage us, but oh, we fail. Nevertheless, we shall pick ourselves up and start over again. Thank God for new beginnings!
So our Sunday afternoon moved along with a quick trip to the bazaar to look for Christmas gifts.
This evening was a bit of a ruckus with the oldest and youngest hosting a sing along for the other children while Mr decided to clean out a kitchen cabinet that was driving him crazy. Every time HE opened it, there was an avalanche of cereal, marshmallows and cake mixes. Every time WE opened it, there wasn't. Seeing this as a conspiracy which should go no further, Mr took it into his own hands to tame this beast. And tame it, he did.
After all this excitement died down, Baby Dear decided that it was bedtime and if it's HER bedtime then Chloe needed to go too. We moseyed upstairs and since it was "that" time of the night, Chloe wanted to take a bath. I didn't feel like bathing her so she decided to lose her mind a nd have a fit. She moaned and groaned, whining all the way until April came upstairs to see what was the deal. I gave her a quick splanation and she did what she does best- calm little people down. Well, this time, she grabbed a plastic toy banana and shoved it in the back of Chloes turtleneck which sent her into a fit of laughter! Baby dear is on the floor watching the proceedings with great joy since her sister is such a source of happiness to her.With Chloe wrestling this banana out of her shirt, all the while twirling and whirling in circles, she manages to get her hand on the banana. She sends it flying through the air at a rapid speed and aimed at an innocent victim, Baby Dear! And do you know what? It hit her right in her plump tummy looking like the stem off the top of a cherry!She had this look on her face as if she was saying, "What was that for?". After calming her down, Chloe decided to get her pajamas on. Her shirt was the first thing to come off of her and since it was a turtleneck there was a bit of wrestling involved. Most of it was nearly off except for her head and when that part snapped off, it went flying through the air. Who was the victim of this clothes whacking? Baby Dear, who was just starting to fall asleep in my lap on the floor! My, my, this was not her night, but she calmed down quickly and fell asleep on the floor where this insane picture was taken.
Baby wipes? Hmmm, now I've forgotten what they had to do with this!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy 100th Blogiversary?

It's been a long time since I started this blog. Many things have happened and many things have changed. We have moved homes, traveled a bit, endured death in the most heart wrenching way, celebrated life, lost old friends, made new ones, cemented relationships and so much more. But one thing stays the same. I have persisted in my writing so that I could share my life and tell my story from MY point of view. Yep, sometimes it is serious (um, not one of my finer points), and most of the time it is told with the hilarity that I see it as.
Life is short and if you're angry, hateful, resentful, jealous, or any other way that makes you unhappy, then how can you enjoy the short time that we all have on this earth? All those things that keep you from happiness separate you from being TRULY HAPPY INSIDE. That unhappy stuff eats away your love and at your heart.
So what's it all about then? Life is what it is all about, people. If your house burned down, what would you be concerned most about saving? Your 100 inch flat screen tv? No buddy, those things go on sale all of the time. Your family, friends and other people! That's where it's at! People helped make those memories and events that made and shaped you into the person you were meant to be. God already has plans for us to be who we are and if you can't accept that then you are fighting a hurricane with an umbrella. If you are angry at someone for bossing you around or hurting your feelings, especially if they are a family member, let it go. Just ignore the comments and focus on enjoying anything else that you can at that moment. Move to another room if you have to. If you finally have to say something to them, then say this," Stop hurting my feelings. I really want to enjoy you while you are alive and not wish that you had been nicer to me while I am sitting at your funeral." That's a hard thing to say, but it's true! Some people you just can't stop from spreading their internal unhappiness around, sometimes especially on you, but you can sure walk from the situation. Diffuse, that's the word.
Now how did I get to this? A sermon instead of an uplifting speech? I don't think it's a bad sermon, per se, just something on my heart.
Two women stand out to me right now. My aunts mother-in-law and my mother.
The mother-in-law was such a wonderful woman. I NEVER heard her say a bad word about anyone and I mean anyone. She was a saint and I am not kidding. Woman of God, she really was. I loved her and she loved everyone. I so much want to have her attitude- she was like Jesus wants us to be.
My mother was a friend to so many. She had an opinion and wasn't afraid to share it. Most of the time she had such tact when she talked to folks that I wondered about her, but other times, she just let it all hang out. She loved everyone and overlooked flaws and opinions and whatever to help just about anybody. Most of all, she loved "Her Jesus". If you didn't know that, then you really weren't paying attention to what she was saying or doing. She was happy and bubbly-joyful in even the worst of circumstances. My grandmother named her correctly-Joyce (which means joyous one).

So what does all of this have to do with my blogiversary? Well, I can't remember since I had to stop writing to go to church and then when I came home and tried to write again, there was a party going on in the background that consisted of mooing cows, Dave Barry and his colonoscopy, and a barrier on the floor made of stuffed animals. And then the doorbell rang- and all of a sudden, we have unexpected guests. Then five minutes later, the phone rings and someone reminds me that we have a dinner date tonight.

Now I remember! What I am trying to share is that I had a choice in writing this blog. I had a choice to spend my time doing other things like catching up on housework,(an eternal job, if I can say so myself), or sewing or whatever. I choose if I want to whine or pout about circumstances in my life. I can choose if I want to let people know about my life or I can just keep it to myself. If I can make someone see the lighter side of life and how much it is worth living and struggling for and to enjoy even the littlest of things, then I have done well. If I can share with someone the simple truth that Jesus loves you and forgives you for whatever you have done if you just ask him to, then my life is worth living even moreso.

Life is full of choices, good and bad. It's up to you to decide.
I chose to be happy, to love and be loved.
What do you choose to do today?
(I hope you are't too confused by all of this. It's been a long day over here!)

Happy Blogiversary!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's almost 8 am and we have an appointment........

It's checkup day for the two youngest.
Right now at 7:54 am, I am contemplating the response I will receive from the baby.
I mosey up to the third floor humming a song and entering her domain,(which used to be my bedroom, uugh). She dosen't flinch an inch. I move closer and hum louder, to which she responds in such a way which look like she is rolling her eyes in her sleep. Her body dosen't move-just the closed eye rolling number that she does. So, Chloe climbs on the bed and calls her name and rubs her head.(Should be some more hair there now, but I don't know what happened!). Baby Dear starts to stretch and GRROOAANNN in an annoyed manner. Chloe rubs her tummy and gets up closer so she can whisper in her ear. (She really thinks she is whispering, but in actuality, or reality, whatever, she actually gets louder.)
By now, Baby Dear is highly annoyed and POPS here eyes open to reveal the reddest cherries you could ever see,(except for her fathers eyes the look like red beacons-that's another subject). She turns her head in my direction and gives me a look that sends chills to ones soul. She looks as if she is saying, "WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING???? (Think of flames shooting from ones mouth.)You, slave mother, have interrupted MY SLEEP!!!!!! YOU KNOW I DON'T GET UP UNTIL AFTER 9:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well,it's 8:05 and our appointment is at 9:05. I guess I had better get moving, but meanwhile, where's my fire gear?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More pictures from the party....

Okay, I promise you these are the last ones I will post. I'll have to find a way to put more into the blog or link up to them somewhere.
My time online seems limited lately, so I type furiously and run off to do something. Then I come back, type some more and run off again. Sheesh! The life of a mother! I hate rushing but that is where I am in my life right now with 2 little ones. Besides, this stage is only temporary.
Anywho, here are the photos.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Party Like A Preschooler!!! Part 3 more pictures

We made a sign that read "Jack Sprat's Not So Fat Snacks"
The birthday cake was a Carrot-Zucchini cake with cream cheese icing. We made some into cupcakes for the little ones. Neopolitan ice cream was served with it also and we had punch with orange juice and sprite.
Veggie plate
Fruit plate
Breadsticks with BLT or artichoke dip
"The Cow Jumped Over The Moon" cheese and crackers
"Three Little Pigs" in blankets
Tortilla rolls (filled with cream cheese, garlic powder, green onions and bacon bits)

The bunting that you saw hanging up in some pictures, was made by me, and so were "Humpty Dumpty" and his gang.
It was a small party enjoyed by all!

Party Like A Preschooler!!! Part 2

We passed the baby around....

Some children really enjoy stickers!(And others in the background just want to get their hands on some!)

We rallied up the friends for a group photo. (Wyn took this photo. NEXT TIME, BEND TO THEIR LEVEL, DEAR SON!!!)

I GOT LEGOS!!! OH! I. AM. SO. HAPPY!! (WYNNON, step away from the Legos. These are mine)

My friend Brennan helping me open gifts! (Bo Peeps lost sheep pit is in the background.This kept them happy for a loong time.)

More pictures on Part 3

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Party Like A Preschooler!!! Part 1

My little 2 yr old turned 3 this week and of course we HAD to party! I feel that it is my parental right to enjoy the process of planning this party as much as it is the childs right to ENJOY the party.
Seeing that little Miss is just 2, going on 3, we didn't want to take away from the experience with too much hoopla. When I say that, I mean that sometimes we as parents want ALL of our childrens friends and our friends at the party, but it takes away from the enjoyment factor and the "Invite everybody!" attitude of it makes it stressful and no fun. Not to say that a big party isn't all right, but look at a childs age and gage if you really want 12 three year olds running around your house?

We have a couple of traditions in our house.
The Birthday Person gets to pick the meals for the day.
No chores that day.
They pick the party theme (with a bit of creative coercion at times).
They get a new outfit for the occasion.
And they get to choose their own cake.
Everything else has to be approved by the parents.(Boo hoo)

Now for Little Miss' party the theme was Nursery Rhymes. I found this lovely fabric that had "Humpty Dumpty" on it and "The Cow Jumping Over The Moon". At first I wanted to do a "Goodnight Moon" theme, but it was too hard to find anything pertaining to that classic book. I did end up buying her a new one since the old one was in a sad state.

Our party activities were:

First and foremost,
Party Bags!!!- The little people got to use rubber stamps and had a blast using some stickers to decorate their own paper lunch sacks.

Old King Cole's Crowne Shoppe- Each child got to decorate their own crown with lots of foam stickers. (Nearly had to drag some of them away from this activity! It proves that the simple things are still fun.)

Gina makes her crown with mommy's help.

Help Little Bo Peep Find her sheep- We had a small swimming pool full of balls with stuffed animals mixed in.

Magical Nursery Rhyme Painting- Crayon paint resist. My older children used white crayons and copied some simple nursery rhyme pictures. The children would use watercolor paints and when they painted over the pictures, the crayon parts would show up. They always look so surprised to see this. It's lots of fun!

More pictures on Part 2!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A note to my children.

Dear Child,
This is your mother speaking to you late at night. I have just came from my laundry room and am perturbed by the state it is in. I made great effort to organize this room into an easy to use and functional facility that even a blind person could use.

You have proven to me that you are lazily handicapped and losing your eyesight would probably be of benefit to you. Then maybe you would put your dirty clothes in the correct hamper. As of this day, (sorry, night, mind you), I WILL NOT SORT the clothes of anyone over the age of 4. I will not separate your socks from your inside out turned jeans that have been tossed into the whites basket. If they land there again they will be bleached and you WILL be wearing them as a fashion statement to school later that week. Depending on how social I feel, I might get angry enough to do a Madea move and BURN them on the grill in a blazing smoke cloud of glory, causing the fire department to be called to my house and after explaining to them why the clothes are on fire, join me and watch the pyrotechnics while eating some freshly baked cookies.
That is how angry I am at 11:37 tonight.

Also, there are these necessities of life called chores. EVERYONE needs to do theirs or my clock will be ticked off. Well, my clock is really off this week due to the laundry person not folding and putting away the CLEAN LAUNDRY! If I go into your room again because I can't find your baby sisters' clothes that were washed 3 days ago and disappeared from the dryer, only to be resurrected on your bed in a ginormous pile of folded clothes surrounded by a moat of pillows, underneath the missing towels and washcloths from LAST WEEK, I might have to make things disappear from your life. Important things, like your cell phone charger, then the cell phone, Identification card, and then, your mattress!! (Don't ask me where I'll put it! I WILL find a place!)
I will make your life miserable and the world will know it. They will see your embarrassment when you wear those bleached jeans to school, can't answer texts from your friends and look like you've had no sleep for a week.

And that smoke alarm that keeps going off while you're at home? That oven is a bit sensitive. Start counting your socks because aren't you missing a few?

Your Mother

Whew!I just had to get that off of my mind! Now, please forgive me for losing it!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Apple picking- English style, Part 3

The last pictures......

Your shoes are REALLY wet! Why aren't you wearing your wellies?

Alright already. Can we please just go?

I was a little pushy back there trying to get you to leave but......
Hey Mom,
Here's the only flower in that little field back there and I picked it just for you!

Left to the beach or right and go home?
Hmmm, let me think.

We had a nice trip to the orchard.
Here is the one we visited. http://www.royalfruitfarms.co.uk/

You should find one nearby and visit too!

Apple picking- English style, Part 2

Okay, here's the exciting part.

We finally made it!

I can't wait to pick some apples!

C'mon lets go!

Apples schmapplez! What's the deal? ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

There's nothing like a tall friend for moments like this!

Apple picking- English style, Part 1

On the road again.

I just can't wait to get on the road again....If there's enough room for TWO cars!

Oh look! A pheasant! It's a good thing he ISN'T on the road!

Are we still on the road, Mom????

We had a pretty eventful day today with school tennis matches and 2 football games dragging the teenagers away. Most of the day was spent trying to get out of the house. I had planned to be on the road by 10am and home by 2. HA! That was just a dream and reality was slapping me on the wrist.(I'm talking about my watch, I tell you!)
We finally left the house at 11:30 for a loverly ride up to Norfolk, to the farm and orchard of the Queen. Yep, I said it. THE QUEEN. Since the Royal Family isn't as large as it used to be and they can only eat so many apples, plus EVERYBODY needs some extra cash theses days, they make a little profit from their PYO,(pick your own) orchard. So here are some pictures from our afternoon.


Random Thoughts

As I was lying in bed this morning, I rolled over and saw the most beautiful face smiling back at me. She was asleep, but still smiling with the plumpest cheeks I've seen since my neice Erica was a little one. Gazing at the beautiful wonderfulness of this child, of whom is so large that she needs to move out of my bed SOONER than later, I was pulled into remembering about how she came to be and why did she have to come during the worst year of my life....
Last year we went to the states to visit our families and friends in California and Texas. Before that trip, I was ready to leave England behind without most of my family. I was so unhappy and had fallen into a rut of selfishness and blame. Mr had fallen into a rut of work, work, work. And when we saw him, which was briefly, he ate a quick meal with us, hardly had time to hang out or play with the children, and barely spoke to me.
We were drowning in unhappiness and sinking to the bottom fast. He didn't have time to take time off of work and even spent his weekends working. I was sick of being a single parent with a boarder. My plans were made and I was going to execute them as soon as I could. Then something happened. He finally was jolted from the "funk he was in". He caught wind of something about to happen and woke up to the fact that he was about to be a single parent also. Finally I would get my message across and he might actually understand what I was saying to him for months. He was furious and so was I. But most of all, I didn't see how much he truly loved me and also how much he was hurt by this all.
My dad had a heart attack in the middle of our woes. Mr went to Texas to help my mother during this time. While he was there, my dad had a stroke also. My poor mother was so overwhelmed and yet, there my right hand was, Mr, helping her as if she was HIS own mother. He cleaned her house, clearing out junk and clutter that was there for years and years. At least when my dad came home in a wheelchair,(which he didn't- praise the Lord!), there would be room for him to get around and mom wouldn't have to worry about cleaning the house.
Mr and my mom talked and talked about his and I marital woes and how his heart was pierced from my thoughts of jumping ship. He talked to my sister also about what was going on. They called me and talked. Boy was I sick of talking and hearing what my mom and sister had to say! I avoided talking to them some days and other days, I would listen to them drone on about how he felt about me and how hurt he was.
My plans changed and I decided to stay and work it out, cautiously. I knew how much of an OCD worker he is and that he is really INTO his work. He said he would try harder to leave his work at work and get home before the children go to bed. And he would try to be accessible at work, by phone, most of the time. (If you know about him and cell phones, then you know how I feel about him and cell phones!-nother story)
So he tried and I tried. Then we went to the US for a "vacation". We flew to California, stayed there for a week, picked up our old car and drove to Texas during a blood boiling, stifling heatwave with NO AIR CONDITIONING! I thought I was going to die. (Not joking either)
I spent time with my mother, talking and enjoying each others company. I loved her SO MUCH and did my best to let her know that. I didn't know that our visit there would be one of the last times I would see her.
We came home-back to England and began our week of time change adjusting, when we received a call that moms minor surgery had gone awry. She suffered a stroke and needed to come home. We went and had a few days with her before she went home to be with the Lord. Oh, such sadness. When I saw Mr crying at her funeral, it tore my heart. Then April began to cry when she saw him crying. I cried. Everybody cried and it was hard to regain our composure. He loved her so much. Almost as much as I did. Then I understood how much he loved me. And I cried.
So back to the baby in this story. The year 2009 was a hard year. I was in mourning and had just begun my YEAR of mourning when I found out that I was expecting. I was angry and of course wondering WHY? WHY NOW? God had to jolt me out of what could have been a serious bout of depression. Yep, the D-word. It happens and can happen to anyone. This jolt was like, for example, you are standing outside looking at the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen with it's gorgeous hues of radiant reds, oranges and whiffs of white, fluffy clouds surrounding it. You look around to admire the full panoramic beauty of it all when out of the corner of your eye you see something on your shoulder. It's white with swirly hues of gray in it. You crone your chin down and REALLY look at it and realize that it is the unthinkable. BIRD POOP! What? What? WHAT???????? You are inflammed and driven to anger in one quick second. See, now you are jolted back into reality and it really sucks sometimes. Anger, That's the word. I was angry for many months and when I finally got over it and told me family in Texas that I was expecting, it was March and I was due in May. But during those months of anger, I wasn't depressed! Wow, that sounds insane, but it's true. Sometimes when you're angry, you are moved to action. And that's what I did. I was a busy, angry woman, but I didn't take it out on my family. I started to blog more and come up with ideas and such. So God moved me and then made me sit down. For a long time. I had a c-section and was at the mercy of my family for nearly 2 months. When I got up again, I was still hurt, but driven to more action. For now, as I continue to recover, I can look back and see the grace that God covered me with for those months of "mourning". I was given new friends and a fabulous church family with whom we love and they love us. My marriage has recovered and my children are stronger from it all. But most of all, I still miss my mother, but we have a beautiful memory of her lying in our bed with the name of Joy.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beef. It's what we had for dinner.........

I was busy washing and washing the pile of dishes that had congregated on the counter by the sink. They were there because my son has a lazy streak and I couldn't stand seeing dirty muffin pans waiting to be cleaned before they rusted away. Besides, I paid good money for them and want them to last until the children move away and then I'll get a REALLY good set for myself. (Wait, did I just say that?) Anywho, I HAD to get my kitchen cleaned for my own sanity.
So tonight was Taco Night and we had the usual taco meat with homemade seasoning, refried beans, Spanish rice, tomatoes, chopped spinach,avocado, cheese and salsa.
Since I was a-cleaning, I had the teenagers making the taco seasoning mix. Well, they aren't the greatest of cabinet searchers and kept asking for the Chili powder. THREE of them looked for it and wait, can you hear the answer? Neither of them found it. From a dark corner of the kitchen I hear,"Hey! Can I use Cayenne pepper instead of Chili powder?
"Are you trying to HURT us?" I blurt out.
I stroll over to the cabinet, move a few jars around and ta-da, here comes the Chili powder.
A while later, dinner is done and we enjoy a lovely meal. Easy, peasy, tacos and all.
Dessert for tonight. Nothing. We were filled charm of a plump and lovely baby playing on the floor.

Here is a picture of the after party.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, Monday. La, la, la, la, la, la.

Ahhh, the end of a looong weekend and I am toast. Yep. Can you feel it? So much to do and so little of tired old me to do it. I thinketh that I am gonnaeth getteth a cupeth of teaeth. Okay, I must be talking like Winnie the Pooh (someone in my house calls him Winnie the Poop!), so confusing that there is no sanity.
Anyway, in my kitchen there is a floor heater. Why? Well, there is NO HEAT whatsoever in my kitchen so they lovingly installed a floor heater so our little toes wouldn't freeze off. On Saturday, we started to notice that there were wet spots on the grout between the tiles. We'd mop and it would soon appear again and we would blame Wyndon for spilling something and not cleaning it up. Well, it kept happening and we started to blame Elise for the wet socks that began to plague the laundry that day. Then it was wet again and we wondered if the dishwasher had gone leaky. So we mopped up the water one more time and went on with life.
SUNDAY- The floor was wet again. We got onto Wyndon and told him to QUIT IT with the spilling of water and not cleaning it up. He pleaded with us that it wasn't his fault and he was sick in bed- sick, throat hurting, feverishly ill, sick. I said SURE! You could have snuck down for a drink and spilled it, Dude. I have no compassion for fakers and stop eating that Tylenol like candy. You are not THAT sick!
Needless to say, he stayed home from church, still sick in bed. I stayed with him since the baby was congested and breathing like Darth Vader all night.
Sunday afternoon, Mr and the girls came home from church to a wet kitchen floor AGAIN.
We mopped and wiped and examined the dishwasher again for any signs of cracked pipes or something. Nope-it was clean and clear for the dishwasher. So Mr was lying on the floor looking around and under whatever he could see,(but you can't see anything because the floorboards are sealed at the bottom with silicone). I suggested that he dismantle the floor heater and see if it was coming out from there. So he did. I also suggested that he cut on the heater and maybe it would dry up the wet mess that kept oozing from underneath (Can you see the movie title??-"IT CAME FROM UNDERNEATH") He gently stated that someone could be electrocuted or I could possibly throw out the breaker and I'd be the one going out in the pouring rain to cut it back on. "UMMM, I guess not", I say and then go on to say, "Well it was a good idea." Mr cleared his throat as if he were saying "You really want to get rid of me, don't you?"
The dismantling begins and a yucky old water smell radiates from underneath and we were all wondering if the fridge had died and had spilled it's contents underneath the cabinets too.
Conclusion- For some reason, there is some kind of hose connected to the heater(??what in the world??)and it is leaking. PROFUSELY. The kitchen floor is really slick and wet. I have mopped till the cows have come home and slipped on that floor. Now it's time for THEM to fix it. I can see it now. "Ms Harris, could you empty all of those cabinets so we can tear them out and fix this pipe that is embedded underneath them???"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


No-not blogging, I mean. Trying to get some rest at night. You know that "S" word. Sleeping. It's approximately 4:17am and I am awake. I tried so hard to go back to sleep several times but there was no hope for me. Too much action in my room.(And no-not THAT kind! This is a clean blog if I can say so myself!)

It all started with a reeally sleepy baby who didn't want to stay asleep for long. I put her to bed in my bed, surrounded by a barrier of pillows for her "not rolling around yet" safety. She is a very "scentsitive" baby, meaning she really likes the smell of mommy right next to her. So my mistake was........ drum roll please.........that I put a DADDY pillow in front of her!! Well that was the unjust punishment for an innocent child. You know, to wake up and smell, gasp, A-MAN! And not just any man, I say. That MAN who lets me cry when I want my mommy, MAN. OH NO! So, after I made this grave mistake, I moseyed downstairs to partake of the bowl of spaghetti that was waiting for me which I was so looking forward to enjoying. Five bites into this perfectly wonderful bowl of pasta, I heard the call. "WAAAAAAHHHHHHH, WAHHHHHHH, WAHHHHHHHHHHH!" She was cranking up the Gatling gun of a cry because she was missing the love of he life and smelled, "The Man" instead of me. Okay then- give up the food mama and go save your child!
I hesitantly bounded up the stairs to a face full of tears and some red, juicy eyes looking around for her mama. At this point, I pat her bunny,(her bottom) and whisper "Hush, hush, shhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhhhhh, calm down sweetie", while going through what I call "The Mental Checklist for Mothers"(that's another subject all together).
It was about this time that I realized she wasn't going back to sleep without a sip, so I began to nurse her and "The Man" appears offering to bring up my dinner so I can finish it while it's warm. "Of course", I answer and he whisks away to bring up my beloved late dinner accompanied by a precious glass of Ginger Ale. I quickly finish my din, lay down the dinner offender and run to get in the shower while I still have a chance. I'm just a-showering away when I hear it. No- I'm not hearing this. Oh yes I AM! She is at it again. WHAAAAAAA! Alrighty then. Now I am losing patience and do you know what I did???? I kept on showering and finished my relaxing moment because I knew that she was safe in bed. I'm not sure what the neighbors thought, or if they even heard her, but I didn't care because I was having "A Zen Moment". (Alright, I did feel guilty, but I had to take a shower before I got in the bed.) By the time I got out and dressed, "HE" was there. She still wasn't Kosher with him, so I grabbed her up and lay down with her to see what her need was. Okay then- fresh diaper you need? You got it! She was freshly changed and lying on the bed with those big, red eyes that make you want to bawl with her. Mr was giggling and sitting on the recliner across the room when I decided to ask him, "What is so funny?" He says, "I gave her a new nickname-Baldylocks!" I give him a mean frown, all while laughing at the same time. Hey, shhhhhhh! She's falling asleep! Oh my goodness! Her eyes are closed! It's a miracle that I didn't even have to pray about!

Fast forward to an hour ago. I'm asleep and dreaming about my friend Charmaine owning an international grocery store where each aisle contains food from a different country and each day they have different bakery items from all over the world. I was just about to lay down on some "Senorita Bread" from this Filipino bakery called "Starbread", when I hear laughter. Then I hear laughter again and the bed starts to move in unison with this laughter. When I begin to open my eyes from my fantasy of Senorita bread, I feel the squirming of baby, indicating that her tummy was empty and needed to be filled again. So on my left is contender #1- "Mr. Laughing In My Sleep while shaking the bed." In corner #2- is the, "I Need A Drink Or I WILL Wake Up And Let The Whole House Know That YOU Didn't Feed Me!", person.

I quickly laid my hand down in the vicinity of his head to rub it and am prickled by his freshly barbered locks or scalp or whatever you want to call it.
Ouch! He mumbles something about being funny and "I'm sorry", then quickly dozes off again. I roll over to feed wiggly and she dozes off also. I begin to float again into La La land when I hear the roaring sound of a Harley engine in my bedroom. It's HIM again! Blah, blah, blah! Good grief! Well, I'll be! I get up and go to the bathroom where I step on something oily on the floor. HE must have dripped some muscle rub and didn't wipe it up! Grumpily, I lay a bathroom rug down over the spot because someone could possibly slip on it and fall and hit their head on the toilet bowl. (Safety first!) Wiping off my feet with a washcloth, and climbing back into bed for another try, I wiggle in between the two offenders. Ahhh, this isn't too bad and it's still warm right here. La La land, here I come! Three minutes later, that Harley was back again with a vengeance. It was coming after me with all of the glory of a man on a safari hunting for lions! I poked the offender and he mumbled something again. Oh silence, you are my friend! Ahhhhhhhhh. Sweet rest, come quickly.(Can you hear the harp playing in the background?) I did, but only for a split second and then that darn blasted Harley came back and I jumped out of bed and stared at them. The Wiggler and the Harley. Both sleeping peacefully and looking so comfortable together.
And then I said, "I QUIT!"

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bath pictures

Here are a few more pictures to enjoy!

We drove up this road to find ourselves pulling over and looking at this next view....

The beautiful city of Bath!

An ice cream boat! Can you believe it? I want some!!!

A picture of the lovely countryside. Look at how they sectioned the fields!

Our last view of the outlying fields. Oh, what a gorgeous sky!

Bath,The Final Frontier!

Okay, this mess about Bath is really dragging on.
Let me just tell you that we had a great time at camp. The food was regional,(hmmm, that's a new word for me- where else would you have mackerel for BREAKFAST?????), the people were all so diverse, the surroundings were spectacular and the children really had a good time in nature. Even though one of them is allergic to the outdoors!
I'll just post some pictures to end this all.

I have my blanket now mom, so let's ride!

One of many houseboats on the river nearby.

The gorgeous green tennis courts bordering the cricket field.

A tree lined road on the way to the river.

A beautiful view below!