Saturday, October 13, 2012

These boots are made for walking...........

Dearest Family and Friends,
 It has been a while since I've blogged (Is is obvious?) and I have to apologize for not keeping you updated, but I was on a bit of a pointless protest and it looks as if I still didn't make my voice heard.
Have you ever tried yelling while standing in a crowd? No one hears you unless you are screaming, "Fire". Then as if the clouds opened and lightning struck the group, everyone starts running, err, stampeding for the door.
Well, the point of this is that I was yelling "Fire" months ago and was hushed up by the ones I thought who would listen. Hurt feelings and wasted time have been a part of my life since the summer began and now we are here in Texas, waiting and surviving. Looking for where we are led to next.
The good old Air Force had made our last months in England pretty miserable. One, by not paying us for several months, not doing paperwork correctly, and mostly by giving us an abrupt ending to a glorious time of living in the UK. So we packed up our boots(lives) and left. We loved our friends, church and schools there and having to leave suddenly just tore straight into our hearts.
There is a God and he is hearing my prayers, wiping my tears and helping me stand, but I'll tell you that there are rays of sunshine out there, even in the shadows.
 Just look to the sky.