Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Almost to Ireland

A slow drive into the belly of a ship!

My son the photographer was enthralled with these cars. There was a rally in Dublin the day after we arrived. He was lucky enough to be on this ship and got to see lots of these Porsches.

There were other ships coming in port as we were leaving Fishguard that afternoon.

This is a view from the top deck. Somewhere down there are Porsches! (My son!)

These little people were enthralled with the view for about an hour, off and on.
Ahhh, only 2 1/2 more hours till we get to Dublin! What shall we do next?

Driving through Wales

These are what they call "Row Houses".

Okay, now you want me to squeeze my van past that building with 10 inches of clearance and a car on the other side of me?"

Click on this picture and look at the brick wall going uphill. Is that crazy or what? They really wanted to keep their neighbors out!!"

Check out the view! Lake to your right, mountains to your left and volksmarchers in the middle.

Same lake, better view.
Snowdonia National Park

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Night of the Nosebleed!

It's late and you just climbed into your warm bed. Ahhhhhhhh. Snore, snore. Oh my. I was so tired and it feels great to finally get some rest after such a long day. In your sleep, you hear footsteps. Heavy footsteps and they are headed your way. The son is the only person heavy enough to make those footsteps. You hear his voice, "April got her foot stuck in the chair!" This is his voice of distress. Hubby crawls out of bed, stomps down the stairs, heads to Aprils room where her foot is twisted, stuck inside the recliner and she is half crying/laughing at the state she is in. Mr looks at her leg, assessing the situation, pulls at the chair, yanking her foot out at the same time. He says nothing.
Back to bed we go. No words are spoken but we faintly hear the voices of our two oldest children as they say "Goodnight" to each other. Peaceful dreamland, come to me once again.........
Footsteps AGAIN! This time they are fast and furious. Sounds like April this time. Before I can get my wits about me, she whispers,"How do you get blood out of the carpet?"
"What happened? Who is bleeding? What is going on?" She whispers, "Wyndon has a nosebleed." Next thing you know, I'm headed down the stairs to find my son standing in front of his bathroom with every part of his face under his eyes covered with blood! Yep, he was covered in it and it was furiously dripping from his chin and nose.
Yuck. I can deal with blood, but after one of my children lost a tooth while eating chocolate covered cherries, my stomach hasn't been the same around it. I was not well and had to turn my back and shout out some instructions. Mr did all the footwork. April helped a bit so I vacated the area and went back to bed. Mr came up 10 minutes later after cleaning the carpet and "plugging up the leak", so to say.
"What a strange night!",I thought as I drifted back to sleep dreaming of what I thought had really happened.
And would you like to know what I thought really happened?
Here's how my mind works........

I think April did it!

A Little More Air......

Do me a favor and click on the picture above. Try to read the word..It's Welsh and as one of my "adopted" neighborhood children said,"Reading it makes you feel dyslexic!!!"

We could't believe someone would name their shop this!

We walked this way to get our fish and chips that evening. It was such a pleasant night and so many people were out enjoying it also.

A yellow church! So bright and yet it just illuminated warmth. What a neat place! You could hear laughter of children inside the building and they were having Vacation Bible School that night too!

Another pleasant riverside view.........

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

Even with the current goings on in our home, our family took a long awaited trip to Ireland this last week. We had plans to visit Dublin and go to a church family conference in Dunmore East, near Waterford. We stopped for the night on the way to the ferry in Llangollen, Wales at a hostel there. It was a lovely town and we had a good night sleep.

We walked along the riverfront and were rewarded with lovely views in either direction.

This sidewalk beckons you to, "come on down and take a look!"

Such a relaxing view, isn't it?

Look at the water pouring forth from the rocks. Ohhh, the sound of it. It lulls you to a deep resting sleep.

More pictures of Wales tomorrow..........

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No more "NORMAL".

I bet you are wondering what that word "normal" means. I wonder it too a lot. "Am I "normal", "Is this 'normal'?"
Normal means a lot of things to a lot of people, but if you stop to look at yourself and question yourself, then you find out that you aren't considered "normal".
I am not living the norm, neither is anyone I know, with the exception of some older folks.
God makes us in his own image and we are so like Him, but we are not perfect in any means. That means we aren't normal nor perfect.

Well that is enough sermonizing today, but think about it.
Just think about it.

Now for the shocking news.
My husband has prostate cancer.
We found out last Monday morning and had such a busy day that we didn't get a chance for an in depth discussion until last night and this morning it continued.

SO many things to consider, so many options and they all have side effects. We have done our best to use natural/homeopathic remedies for years and something like this makes you wonder if it was worth it at all? No, I can't say that it wasn't worth the effort, but I do wish I had been more vigilant, more stringent. I certainly will keep up harder with living a healthier life. It's alright to have a corn dog every once in a while, but processed and preserved foods(and the likes) are going to have to "Go the way of the dinosaur".

I will get off my soapbox and get back to business, but I want to post some pictures from our "Last day of normal."
We went to Thetford Forest Park with some friends from our church. It was a great day out of the house and kept me from "feeling the blues".