Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Birthday Girl!!

I'd better mention that CHLOE had her 2nd birthday on the 11th. We had a small party with a few friends, a bouncy castle and a ball pit. There were mini pumpkin cupcakes, banana cake and a pumpkin cake.( Pizza, chicken drummettes, fresh veggies and rice helped to top off the meal. She received 4 great gifts and that's all she needed! A good time was had by all and I am thankful for such a wonderful group of friends.

A few pictures taken by Bob Morrow were a great gift to us also. Here they are.

The black hole of time........

Okay, we are here and have been here. Just waiting for me to get myself together. Yes, me! I am falling apart from a sudden bout of insomnia and severe anemia. I have eaten until I thought I would pop! Dark leafy vegetables, meat, meat, and orange juice, but every year when the weather changes, it hits me. This year, I am drained. The insomnia thing is new. Now I'm from the old country and that means we are solar powered. So when the sun comes up, I wake up and when it goes down, well, you get the point. Albeit it is a great way to live in the US, but it gets dark early here and I'm outta joint! So whats a mom to do???

Friday, October 9, 2009


We are learning hot and cold. Chloe pointed out a vent on someones house that steam was pouring out of. She also disliked the ice that she was holding, then she dropped it on the floor and when she picked it up and put it in her mouth, miraculously it tasted great! She told me it was cold and said "happy"!!
Apparently the floor has a seasoning of its own and it must be good!

Elise is going to the Rheumatologist in Cambridge. That will take up most of the day since she is complaining that her left leg hurts. This is a blessing since she hasn't had ANY reocurrance of her JRA. It dosent happen often but I can be thankful for the good care she receives.
Mr is working looong hours this week and has been unusually cranky. We made him a chocolate cake and poof! He has become a new man. The power of the stomach wins again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And lots of prayer first.)
Wyndon is having a hard life. He has been slacking off at so many things, especially school. He is paying the price and it is expensive.
April has homecoming this week. Event after event after event. It's been fun, but I'm tired. I am going to the faculty vs student game tonight and will cheer for the faculty! They need all the help and prayers they can get! Not just for the game, but for working with a lot of undisciplined and worldly children.

I had better go- a short person just licked the cajun seasoning lid and I can see the slobbering is about to begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's been a while........

Howdy there folks! I have been a slacker for the last 8 or 9 days and with a semi-decent excuse. Last Saturday morning, Sept 26th, Chloe fell off of a tall wooden stool and cracked her head on the corner of the wall.I WAS NOT IN THE ROOM WHEN IT HAPPENED!!! At first she cried, (THAT'S WHEN I WALKED IN THE ROOM!), and you could tell she was really hurt. Dad was holding her and had his hand on her head while arguing with April about I DON'T KNOW WHAT, then he took his hand off of her head and you could see the wetness in her hair and the blood on his hands.Yep, this was the first time she had lost blood in one of her many crashes, and being a head injury it was a lot of it. You should have seen the eyes of the other children when the "Shee's Bleeeeding", declaration was made. You would have thought a goat ran through the living room! So with dad holding Chloe's head, I ran upstairs( two flights, mind you) to get my shoes,and a quick run to the potty since I was sure we were going to be gone for hours and public toilets are the WORST (that reminds me of a story about the toilets in Scotland at this one town, we were coming from Glasgow and stopped in Biggar. You have NEVER seen toilets this CLEAN!!! You could have eaten off the floor! There were fresh flowers on the sinks and a real live attendant!! I felt like a Queen! Oh my!). Sorry, back to Chloe- So to make this story short (since the thought of me talking about toilets has triggered Chloe to need to go), we took her in, and were seen by the doctor within the first 15 minutes after arriving. The nurse and staff were awesome and so caring.What a blessing! They did a fantastic job and she acts as if nothing ever happened, except for the occasional scratching of a healing wound.
So, I had better go and take care of the little person before she fixes herself.
Have a wonderful day!