Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday morning thoughts......

I have now survived more than a week with out a "real" glass of water and I am okay. Although I have been "sneaking" water, aka "watering down" my Gatorade to adjust myself back into the "best drink on earth". I miss being able to see through the glass and liquids in it. Strange, huh? Nope, this also helps me inspect the dishwashing skills of the kitchen assistant of the week. Gatorade is definitely murky. (At least the kind they carry here. I'm too cheap to get the more expensive stuff!)And if you'd like to know how water feels on my stomach feels after drinking water, just imagine being stabbed in the stomach from all directions. Horrible description, but worse being on the receiving end.

Today I have to bake bread and make granola for Elise's class. Walking into the kitchen and having a pile of dirty dishes in the sink is discouraging, but we will trudge on!! I also have to go grocery shopping. This weeks budget is $75.00! Hmmm, I think we aren't eating out- too expensive. We did it twice last week and well, it was a pocket buster!

The menu this week so far is:
Goulash, green beans and fresh bread.
Oven fried chicken, corn pudding and buttery garlic spinach
Beans and sausage, rice, fresh veggies
Make your own Pizza (spinach alfredo or bacon cheeseburger)
Chicken curry, rice and pickled veggies

The room I am focusing on this week is...........
The garage!! I am going through boxes of clothes and taking out the best things to go to Haiti.
There is a plane leaving next week and I feel that we all have more than enough to give to them. We are also donating to Christian Aid Ministries- they have been working there for many years with medical clinics. Also Midwives for Haiti is a group I have known for many years. Lord willing, when my children are older (and my French a bit more polished), I will be able to join them for a few weeks and get some additional hands on experience. So until then, I am happy to be at home and will pray and help as much as possible.

Have a blessed Monday.

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