Thursday, July 15, 2010

Up too late?

Lately Chloe has been going to bed late (around 10ish) and Joy has been getting up to nurse at 1. Shamefully, I've been staying up late, doing absolutely nothing productive. Well, I've been reading back issues of "Keepers at Home" and "Home Horizons". One, no three, of my dear children are challenging me in the listening department and I needed some Biblical parental inspiration in dealing with this problem. Frankly, I needed some backup! A couple of the articles that I read were written by people I have met, so I have seen what became of using these methods. I am reminded, "Line by line, precept by precept" is the right way of doing things. I want them to listen and do things the FIRST time I ask them, not the third time. This calls for me to get off my fanny and be on them if they do not obey. I have been inspired to pray for someone or some situation when I'm awake at night. I'm feeling closer to the Lord and my mind is at peace more. This is the beginning of a strength building habit and I usually sleep like a baby shortly thereafter. :-))

Lately I've been resting a lot because I'm in pain and moving hurts. Today I will see the midwife and get an opinion on my one-sided abdominal pain. Maybe after it is resolved, I can be back to my "Jump up mommy" self.

Do you find things to worry about when you stay up late? Are you wasting time or doing something productive?
Find something good to do and don't get tied up in it and not get your beauty sleep!

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