Friday, July 5, 2013

Not just abandonment- a touch of neglect......

This was originally written in February.........

I should be and am ashamed of myself for not blogging. I gave my time and moments of my of life to letting people have a piece of my mind on this blog and apparently I have had no time to share my thoughts with anyone.
I guess I couldn't come to grips that moving back to the states would somehow mess up my rhythm of checking my email, facebook and blogging between the hours of the first shift of children going to school and the second shift of children waking up.
 I had a great and cushy life before Mr's retirement and now it seems as if the world is spinning on overdrive for me. I have so many things going on besides looking for a house and working at a lovely little Montessori school. I didn't plan on working until we settled in a home but an offer came up that I couldn't refuse. I had expected to be done with my Montessori certification, but between family illnesses and deaths, I couldn't focus and get anything done.
I have gained a significant amount of weight and seem to find food comforting, so there is a vicious cycle to that saga. Never mind that!
God has plans for us and somehow things work out to his glory even though we stand here with our mouths wide open and looking as if we were knocked off of our feet by a sudden gust of freezing wind.
Things will fall together eventually..... Patience!


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Regina said...

Hi Misty,
There is a You Tube Video (well actually there are lot) called "He Can Work it Out" or in some of the videos it called " Jesus Can Work it Out". Basically while we are trying to figure out our problem, Jesus has already worked it out. I think there is one from Friendship Baptist Church or something like that. Watch one of the videos and be encouraged!