Saturday, November 30, 2013

What's going on??

As usual, life has taken me for a bit of a ride lately. Well, maybe not just a ride, but a bit of an adventure or maybe better said, a safari!
Since I last blogged over two months ago, we have moved out of our "short term" apartment, were homeless for two weeks, took a road trip to VA to visit the Inlaws that we love so dearly, moved into a house that well, seems to make me angry each week, my oldest got a job at one of the most expensive department stores in the US- the store where my father worked for over 20 years at. My husband suffered with a terrible bout of diverticulitis and now we sit in this house waiting for a cold snap to come and force us into eating popcorn and hot cocoa for a snack. (I had to mix in the good and the bad, eh?)

So physically, I am fine. I feel great, but I have gained more weight while partaking of the array of fast food restaurants while on the road for the last few months. My pants are snug but I just haven't gotten off of my fanny to do something about it. When wake up in the morning, the race begins! Four of my children are at home and I am currently homeschooling the older/nonworking two until January. (Long story)

So, I do still exist in blogland, I just haven't sat down long enough to write about my existence.
I sometimes feel like I am failing in the homeschooling department because of my lack of follow-up. My husband encourages me, but I seem to be having an adult case of ADHD.

How about you? Have you started 5 things at the same time only to not finish any one of them?
How do you get things done-not just done, but completely finished?


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