Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's been a while......Part 2

Okay here we go.... So I called my father in law and asked him if we could use his timeshare for Christmas. He says for me to wait and he can see if there is room for us near him. I hang up and minutes later, he call to verify if we really want it or not. I tell him, "Yes" an then the story begins........
Flash forward to November- Darryl changes jobs and tells me that there is no replacement for him so he isn't coming for Christmas. Wow, was I angry! Can't you do anything about it? Hello! We've ALWAYS been together for Christmas. You can't just stay here! You'll drive somebody crazy worrying about us!! So, I prayed about it and left it as it was. If I don't go, his dad will lose 2 weeks of timeshare. If I stay here, all we will do is eat and clean. (That's his new hobby-cleaning) So, To Virginia we go.
To fly on a military transport requires a letter stating that I am eligible to use the services (well something like that, it says). You have to get this letter to the transport office weeks in advance so you can get at the top of the list when a plane you want to get on happens to be flying through. So I had to get this done and take it and fax it to all of these different places so that if I happen to end up in Spain because that was the only plane they had to Europe that week went there, I would be in the computer there so I could try to get the next plane closest to my destination like Germany or landsakes!, England! Apparently no one flies here anymore that often. So, getting out of here was going to take an act of God, literally!
The days before I was to entailed calling the airport every day, at least 4 times to see if anything popped up. I was willing to catch a plane to Germany if that was the only was to get to the east coast. I was desperate and I was going to get there!!!
So 3 days before I was trying to fly out, there just happened to be a plane headed to Dover. Yep, thats close enough for me. Lets take it. WHAT??? It leaves in an hour! I can't even pick up my children from 3 schools in an hour. It's a 30 minute drive to anywhere from my house! What in the world kind of scheduling is this?
Okay- I'll be ready for the next one. What? There is a plane going to Florida on Friday? Alright I am packing NOW for it! It's on the East Coast. We can hitch a ride if need be..Just kidding.... Ha HA HAAA.
So, we are walking out the door with our luggage in hands when the phone rings. Science Dude's history teacher has his wallet! We need his ID so he can leave the country. Oh my goodness, what next? Maybe they won't notice........
To be continued... Cali girl is up from her nap..

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