Saturday, May 23, 2009

A sad birthday and a cut throat!

Okay, May 22nd was Mr's birthday. I hadn't really planned anything special since I was shamed two weeks ago because I though he was turning 45 and he was actually turning 46! Somewhere I lost some time , I guess. I was shocked that I got it wrong and if I were him I should have been flattered to have lost a year from "Ye Olde Lifeclock."

So anyways, it just happens that "Spring Chicken" has been having repeated bouts of tonsillitis this year,(So far a total of 6 bouts since January) and I took her to the pediatric clinic a gently demanded that they get rid of those pesky things since she was missing school at least a week out of every month with fevers and all. "No protesto" from the Dr and we were headed out with the referral to the Ear Nose and Throat clinic within 10 minutes. (Just hold on- there is a correlation with this and the birthday thing, trust me!)So one week later, we are sitting at the ENT clinic waiting for this mysterious Dr whom you have to go through hell and high water to see and he was running late. Not 15 minutes late, no, ONE HOUR late. I was slated to go to an appt when the first appt was over, so Darryl had to reschedule that and to top that I had "Action toddler" with me! Now she roamed the hallways looking cute (as my mother would say), and we went up and down the elevator a dozen or so times and once she nearly jumped out right as the doors were closing, but mom is still quick, you know! Dad was on his way to get her and bless him, he was running late too!
Time was a'wasting and I had things to do. So I disappear with "Action toddler" and when I come back, April, aka "Spring Chicken" is gone!! The techs see my distress and show me my daughter who is waiting (yes, still waiting) in an exam room. More to explore for Chloe aka "Action Toddler"! Lord, give me strength- I can't do this much longer! Then is walks the Dr-A fellow who looks about Darryls' age with braces on(which April says makes everyone look younger-is that a hint, April?) and a BIG smile. He says April is a prime candidate for tonsillectomy and he will be gone for most of June so they will call us for an appt at the end of June. In walks Mr, he grabs Chloe, says "Hello" to the Dr and out the door he goes! So Dr explains a bit more of the procedure and what to expect when it happens and asks if we have any more questions. "Hmmm",I say, "not really but if you can squeeze us in before you leave, then please do so". "Okay", he says and then off he goes a'smiling and on to his next patient.
So we go to the front desk, hand over the request for the tonsillectomy and ask her to call us if they get a cancellation.
Surprising us, 48 hrs later we get a call saying she can have it done on the 22nd of May if we want to. Umm, you don't have to ask me twice!! YEESSS!
In my thoughtless moment, I was only thinking of April who during this last bout of fevers looked at me with red eyes and a 103 degree temperature with big swollen tonsils and said" Mom, they have to take my tonsils out, I can't live like this being sick all the time." I momentarily forgot that Darryls' birthday was on the 22nd and the prom was a week later and she wasn't supposed to be around a large group of people,and the last few weeks of school were happening, didn't take into account all of the social implications of having this surgery right now. SO WHAT! My child was sick and she needed this done ASAP! I prayed about it and had such a peaceful feeling that this was the right time and place for it to be done. That other stuff dosen't matter even if it has cost a lot of money, sniff, sniff.

Now back to the whole point of this- She got her tonsils and adenoids out on my poor husbands birthday! It was a rough morning, but we were done and home by 12:30 and the birthday party seemed to drag on all day after that, but he had some really funny birthday cards and a really delicious dinner of strange and exotic Indian foods and it all was topped off with a chocolate mayonnaise cake that had the most divine butterscotch icing on it. We laughed and cried and most of all we were thankful to be together and have him for however many years he has been here.

The downside to this all? Poor April sitting at the table watching us eat it all.
She will get hers as soon as she recovers- we all know how that girl loves to eat!

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