Sunday, June 7, 2009

A lazy Sunday afternoon

It's 7pm on Sunday and I am pooped! Yep, I can actually say it and mean it. The littlest one has been crying, clingy and just really cranky. She was sick for the last week with a feverish cold and I had to cancel a couple of appointments to stay with her. I was in the house for nearly 4 days straight! I haven't done that since we lived in Maine and the wind chill stayed below -20. I wasn't crazy back then. I had just moved there straight from Texas and hadn't experienced that kind of flash freezing before!
Now another child isn't well. Poor Elise- she has had a fever for 3 days now and I stayed home from church with her. We did our Sunday school lessons and I worked on some laundry then started on dinner. Mr and the other folks went to church and came home remarkably early. Come to find out, they were late and didn't want to make a fashionable entrance so they went to Tesco and shopped. Now whenever Mr. goes shopping, you can count on something unique coming home with him. This time they came back with some "Fentimans Botanically Brewed Traditional" drinks. He takes such pride in being a "hunter" and finding these wonderful new things for us to try. Well, we had a lovely spread for our meal- Pork chops, mashed potatoes & gravy, Dads secret recipe cabbage, homemade macaroni and cheese and for dessert, peach crisp. Alongside that meal was dads selection of exotic drinks. We ate and he made sure we all tried some of these new tastes. He and science dude (our son) were reading the labels out loud so I would know what was in there and while they were reading the back, I was carefully scanning the front for anything unusual. Holding back my laughter, I read the fine print on the front where they both failed to read. "Are you sure this is JUST SODA?", I asked. "Sure it is, says Mr." And with that I read the tiny lines they did not see,"NOT MORE THAN 0.5% ALCOHOL BY VOLUME!"
Hope your Sunday was as lazy and relaxing as his was after that drink..

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MamaOlive said...

At least he's starting the children out with low levels. Lol. When my stepson was about 7, my mother in law thoughtlessly let him have a sip of her margarita before realizing what she'd done.
Hope you are all feeling better soon.