Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All day headache

Okay, It was Monday in the wee hours and I was trying to sleep like anyone else should have been doing, but there it was-boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, chicka boom! My head was vibrating like I was running through a minefield and hitting all the mines!If you have a headach in your sleep, it makes for a miserable night and sets you up for an even more miserable day. So that began my Monday.

By 5:50am I was awake and inhaling acetaminophen and water (possible dehydration?). At 6:05 the phone rang- my sister from Texas to tell me that mom was in a bad state and hadn't been able to awake for several days after her surgery (they took her parathyroid-don't get it done, trust me!).I am not a bad daughter-I had been calling to check on her since she had her surgery but the folks back at home don't answer or pay their phone bills (just kidding!). She seemed to be not heavily concerned, but wanted me to know what was going on. She gave me the hospital contact info and the nurse whom to talk to.

So I called the hospital and spoke with Ike- the nurse in charge of one of the most difficult patients known to man- my mother, and he told me the jist. Mom's lab work was normal and they just can't figure out WHY she won't wake up. The neurologist was on his way to check her out and do some more testing. My mom whom I spoke to the day before this surgery was unresponsive. This little woman, all of the height of a fence post and had the will and attitude of a HERD OF RUNNING BULLS was down. I told him I'd call back in 6 hrs.

6 hrs later, Ike was still there. I told him he should be at home asleep, but I was glad to speak to him. He said that she coul squeeze his hand a little when he asked her to, but still could not open her eyes. Aha! Progress!! Told Ike to have a good night sleep and I'd talk to him soon.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning- spoke to Ike and the results are in that she has had a series of mini strokes (I thought so). We have taken the steps toward getting home to be there and help Dad, who had a stroke and heart attack in April, and be there for mom. Pray for us as we are headed to Tx tomorrow and who knows what we face, but Lord give us strength to endure.

P.S. Chloe is claustrophobic since the drive from CA to TX.

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