Saturday, August 1, 2009

When surgery goes awry

I am writing this from my sisters home in Fort Worth Texas where my whole family and I have rushed to get to my mothers side. She underwent a surgical procedure (July 27th), on her thyroid and was supposed to come home 3 days later. The day after the surgery she was sitting up and talking almost in a normal fashion. Later that afternoon, she seemed to be extremely sleepy but still trying to talk. The next morning, she was not awake when my sister and aunt came to visit. That evening, she was still asleep. The next day she could not be awakened.
My sister called me early Monday morning to tell me that I might want to consider coming home. Mom was in a semi-coma. She was transferred to the intensive care med/surgical ward. They were to do a cat scan that day and had called in a neurologist. I called and spoke with the nurse on duty and they were waiting for the scan to be over-I said that I would call in 6hrs. Six hours later I was informed by the nurse that my mother had had a series of mini strokes and was suffering the effects.
Now was the time to get home.
Thank God for the Red Cross.

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MamaOlive said...

Oh, wow, it just never stops! We are praying for you and family. Wait upon the Lord and your strength will be renewed.