Saturday, September 5, 2009

A weekend away

Whew! We had a busy and exciting week with moving on the 27th, school starting on the 31st, cleaning an entire house, Darryl working 12+ hrs and stress, stress, stress! What does one do about it all? Get away. So off we go to Fairford in the Cotswolds. Look up the Cotswolds online and see how beautiful it is- it is also very peaceful here and a great place to go for some peace and quiet.
We get to sleep late and go and see some of the lovely sights here. Today we went to Avebury stone circles which are similar to Stonehenge but better- you can actually go up to them, walk around and touch them. Also we went to Tilbury Hill- my mind is tired and there is a lot of typing involved with explaining what Tilbury Hill is, but you can look that up too. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of what we did today.
Enjoy the beautiful greenery and the long weekend!

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MamaOlive said...

We went away for the weekend, too, but the other direction (East). I'm having a hard time getting back on track today.