Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh my goodness!

Well, I thought I had blogged lately, but I guess my time is not the same as anyone elses.
We have been extremely busy here and I even had the chance to go back to the US for 5 days!!!! Wow! That place seems so strange after not being there for a while. I had an array of wonderful and gracious hosts while I was there. The reason I went was, A-My time is short before I HAVE to stay at home for several months. Can you guess why? And B-I really needed to get this certification done because I have been putting it off for over a year and the next class would be in July when I have guests and am stuck in the country for 2-3 months because of visa issues.

So there it is. I confess. I was gone, mentally and physically. My stamina is kaput and I am dragging again.

****UPDATE***** Phone just rang and it was a Dr telling me that my iron was horribly low. I refuse to take the sickness inducing iron pills they give me so I ordered some FLORADIX with Iron.

Well, I had better get some work done or I could get fired. Would it be so bad to lie around unemployed for a few days?

Talk to you sooner than the last time!

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