Friday, April 16, 2010

What's wrong with me- Part 2

I was on my way out of town with my girls and my friends oldest two girls when the cell phone rang. She wanted to let me know that on Monday, she will most likely do a spinal tap. She didn't want me to be alarmed, but informed ahead of time. Also, she wanted to make sure that I knew if I felt funny or ill in any way, to go right in to the ER. Also, Addenbrookes, the BIG hospital in Cambridge would be in on the deal depending on the results.
Okay, I heard that only a few hours ago, so what's the deal? Should I be walking, or eating? Do I need to call my family? Should I move back to the states?
Lord, help me. I think I was fine until I was bombarded with all of these tests and questions. I feel strange because they are giving me things to think about that are strange. You know what I mean?
So I finished talking to her and we ladies had our afternoon tea at Harriotts in Bury St Edmunds, made our rounds at a couple of stores and headed home when the phone rang again. A nurse from family practice wants me to come in on Monday morning before the other appointment.They said after the spinal thing I won't be able to get around for a couple of hours so they had better see me first.
Talk about demand! Not enough me and too many of them! Anyone want to take my place.
The consistent thing about this is that my pregnancy makes this more complicated
than imaginable and they have to work around the poor little baby.
I feel sorry for us both. Let's pray for a good outcome for us all.

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