Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary?

Okay folks, it has been a LOOONG 20 years and I have to tell you it has been a challenge at times. Like on Wednesday, I thought 20 would be significant enough to take the day off. NO. No cake, no gift, no flowers, NOTHING. Just a simple, "Happy Anniversary", whispered to me on his way to work. Then a phone call asking me what I wanted for dinner. Yep, I was highly perturbed and it was a hard day for me. I asked the Lord, why? WHY? For 20 years I have put up with his job being first in line for everything- holidays delayed, the majority of non-job related things forgotten, single parenting for 75% of the time. It's unnerving and most people would not put up with it.
So I have learned to be patient beyond patience. I am thankful for the sharp memory that I have (it goes to pieces during pregnancy), thankful for my good children,(except for their bad memory-it came from their father), thankful for being able to organize things on a whim, and thankful for his ability to work because without that, I wouldn't be where I am.
So for now, I will go out and buy my own flowers, make my own cake and buy myself a gift from him. And I will still feel anger, but God will deal with that- he's been working on it for 20 years!


MamaOlive said...

oh. no! I'm so sorry. Is it today? At least he was going to get dinner. :-/

Anonymous said...

I will be hitting 20 this year too, and I know all to well how forgetful they are. For many years I would wonder why he would remember the mothers day card for him mom.....but not his wife, the mother of his children. I yelled, cried, and finally gave up. Then something happened last month. For the first time in our entire relationship, he sent me roses at work. WOW I havent given up yet, and I know deep down you havent either. We are a special breed, we are their backbone. Keep your faith, God is always giving us blessings, especially when our spouses are so forgetful.

Misty said...

The big day was on the 31st. Knowing him, he would have been home late for work anyway!!
Have to give him credit for asking though!