Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 weeks already?

Time flies when you neglect your blog! (This statement can also be applied to relatives you keep forgetting to call, closets you meant to clean, and good friends who made you two awesome meals, including some really good chocolate chip cookies, trekked over to ones house with their children, happily helped her husband photographer take photos of a tiny and partially disagreeable little girl, and hasn't received her pie dish back nor a pitifully late "Thank You" either.)Shari and Janice, you're real friends! Bless you both!
Joy was 3 weeks old when I started this post, but now she is 4 weeks old so should I retitle it?
We were all getting into a standard routine when suddenly school ended and now we are reshuffling and adjusting. My niece was the morning person and got everyone up and fed and out the door each morning. Then I would kick in on slow turbo with lunch and a snack while she corralled the little people. Later in the afternoon April would come in and get dinner started while I rested and Erica got everything else done. Then Mr would come home at a consistantly unregular time and do whatever he had to do. Sometimes he would fully interact with us!(Just kidding, but it seems that when he is on a mission to get something done, get outta his way- he will talk to you later.)
So everything was getting done somehow, except the garage, but we were surviving.

Oh, back to the babies- Chloe likes her little sister and wants to hold her-A LOT! Joy isn't Kosher with that so she fusses within a minute or two and mom goes to save her from her sister and the wrestling match ensues. Chloe, not wanting to give her up, grips harder and me, trying to talk Chloe out of her grip and pry her hands from around Joys body, all the while trying to keep the both of them from crashing on the carpet! My first inclination is to swat a leg, but I don't want to alarm Chloe into a baby choke/sleeper hold, so I have to use the "Ninja Art of Take and Distract"- as thus named by my son. Here it goes; Quickly grasp said object from offender while focusing offenders attention towards something pleasurable in another area.

Hmmm, I have tried this and it works, but should I use it often? NO, especially when said offender should listen to me in the first place. That's the problem- sibling rivalry. Wow, am I Dr. Phil today or what?
Now to find a solution without losing my mind or sending my 2 yr old to live with the Gypsies!
On a serious note, we are headed to the funeral of a dear church friend of ours. Keziah Smit was born in Zimbabwe and moved here after her family lost everything they owned because of a dictator who wanted the "whites" out of the country. The family came here and struggled for a while before getting on their feet. Keziah asked the church to pray for them during each struggle and the Lord blessed them all. She got a great job working for "Youth For Christ" and helped spread the gospel all over England. She was the brightest star you could have seen in any sky and she never met someone she couldn't talk to. Always bubbly, her joy for Jesus was contagious. She is now with the angels.
We will all miss her.


Jennifer said...

Hi Misty! I hopped over from Anita's blog. I remember meeting you at the family conference in Ireland last fall. Congratulations on your new little girl! She's only a few weeks younger than ours. :)

Misty said...

I saw your sweet baby! She's only 5 days older than Joy. I heard there were 5 babies born in one week there.
Such excitement!!