Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camp Bath- Part 2

Okay, where were we?? Hmmm, I lost my train of thought.
Oh, okay. So we get to Bath and hit this horrendous stop and go traffic. So we text our pastor who encouraged us to come and tell him that we are in town. He texts back and says he will be waiting outside near the chapel and help us with our luggage and parking when we pull up. "See you in a few minutes-he texts!" 20 minutes later, we had only driven a mile farther than where we were in the first place, we receive a text from the pastor saying "How far now? I'm getting sunburn!" Oh, we had a good laugh at that and texted back telling him we were still 4 miles away and creeping at a turtles pace. We'd call him when we got closer. 20 minutes later, we finally break free of the holiday traffic and are cruising away on a beautiful road on the side of a mountain overlooking a winding tree lined river on the left and expensive cliff hanging houses on the right. The sun was out, cool wind blowing through the windows of the van and oomph!, I take the wrong turn and here we go, barrelling downhill, over the river and dow a narrow lane, looking for somewhere to turn around. I had to do one of my world famous U-turns, but we did it, drove back uphill in 3rd gear (that's for you-hubby), and took a left turn down a brick walled lane into a wider lane and there he was! Our red-glowing pastor and his beautiful, welcoming smile!
We made it, squeezed our big American van in a parking place and had a tour of this remarkable school campus. There were people here and there, enjoying the weather and each others company. And so here we were, finally at church camp.
Check out the pictures at the school website!

Now off to the dentist with my son!
I PROMISE to finish this today.

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