Friday, August 13, 2010

Off to camp Bath!

Whew! It's been a while since I've sat down and had two hands to type. I kept thinking that I REALLY needed to blog and since my memory isn't as good as it used to be, I kept forgettin'. Hmm, so for the last day or two, I got smart and decided to jot down what I was supposed to blog about and now I'm finally getting to it.
So-oooo let me tell you about camp. (I only have 15 minutes to do this before I have to wake up the masses to get them to VBS on time.)

We have been attending a sweet little church in Ely for over a year now and they are just like family to us. I had heard of their family camp back then, but not knowing any of the other members from the other churches, I was hesitant to go. besides, we were going to California and Texas and the thought of paying out anymore money made me feel nauseas. Ha! So we decided to go this year since we couldn't make our yearly pilgrimage to Texas in the scorching summer to melt and burn. Mr couldn't come because he works for dictators. (I know that dosen't sound nice, but it's the truth! I pray for them because they have nothing but work to live for and use their rank to make others do the same. Did I tell you about when I had Joy? Mr had to go back to work after only 10 days! I had a c-section and couldn't even drive yet, but that's another story.............)
Ahem, cough, now back to camp. So, I made arrangements for us to go to camp sans Mr. I really wanted him to go because I had two little ones, but so be it. There was one problem with it all. I had to do all the driving-across country. As you might know, we live on the East side of England, just less than an hour away from the North Sea and to get to Bath, we had to go to the other side. Through and around London. LONDON, ENGLAND. Major city of nightmarish traffic.
Hmmm, is there any other way around? NO, MAAM, unless you want to add another hour to the trip. So, off we went! It should have taken us 4 hours to get there and I tried to feed everyone before we left and make make them go water to avoid any disgusting toilet stops. Praise God, we got there in 3 hours, only slowed down a little bit in traffic and made it there in 3 hours. Yes, you heard it right. 3 hours. The only traffic we hit was in Bath. We were
less than 5 miles from our destination and we hit jaw dropping, stop and go traffic.

To be continued- after VBS!

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