Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh no, not again!

Mr Thyroid is gone and his cousin Thymus is causing trouble.
Last Friday, before I went to get my stitches out, Old Doc wanted me to do a ct scan. I went early and did it then went home before my appt. I went back to the hospital for the appt and the Doc was downstairs in radiology discussing the findings of the ct scan.
RED FLAG!!!!! Hmmm, it took him a while to get upstairs to me and I could tell he had some news. He is such a sweetheart and I really get a kick out of his bubbly personality. He's the kind of person that you wouldn't mind being stuck in an elevator with because he's humorous and happy, no matter the circumstance.
Anywhoo, He told me that my thymus was enlarged. Mr Thyroid was big,but Cousin Thymus was gigantic and that's probably why they couldn't get the probe down my esophagus. My esophagus was being pushed aside by this gigantic mass and it was sitting on my aorta. It needed to come out and he wasn't the man to do it! Bless him. He knew when to call in reinforcements!!! He emailed another Dr in Cambridge and said that they would be contacting me so that I could be seen soon. We looked at the ct scan and he showed me all the exciting bits so I knew what he was talking about.
Hmmmmmm. Interesting.
The phone at home rang around 3pm and a loverly British accented lady named Beryle told me that I was to come to an appointment on Monday at Nuffield hospital. Now, I've been here many years and have seen that the British healthcare system does not work fast. Weeks and weeks pass and you are still waiting. This was a remarkable event! I was to be seen on Monday! And I was seen on Monday and guess what else? They are to do surgery on Friday! Miracles happen. Apparently this thing, Cousin Thymus, is really awful. As I was describing the new symptoms I have accumulated since the original surgery, the new Dr's eyebrows slowly creeped up his head. He looked quite concerned when I finished speaking to him. He declared that we needed to have surgery quite soon and the soonest he could do it would be Friday. So here we go again.

That's the latest update. Can you believe it?

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