Saturday, August 27, 2011

Night of the Nosebleed!

It's late and you just climbed into your warm bed. Ahhhhhhhh. Snore, snore. Oh my. I was so tired and it feels great to finally get some rest after such a long day. In your sleep, you hear footsteps. Heavy footsteps and they are headed your way. The son is the only person heavy enough to make those footsteps. You hear his voice, "April got her foot stuck in the chair!" This is his voice of distress. Hubby crawls out of bed, stomps down the stairs, heads to Aprils room where her foot is twisted, stuck inside the recliner and she is half crying/laughing at the state she is in. Mr looks at her leg, assessing the situation, pulls at the chair, yanking her foot out at the same time. He says nothing.
Back to bed we go. No words are spoken but we faintly hear the voices of our two oldest children as they say "Goodnight" to each other. Peaceful dreamland, come to me once again.........
Footsteps AGAIN! This time they are fast and furious. Sounds like April this time. Before I can get my wits about me, she whispers,"How do you get blood out of the carpet?"
"What happened? Who is bleeding? What is going on?" She whispers, "Wyndon has a nosebleed." Next thing you know, I'm headed down the stairs to find my son standing in front of his bathroom with every part of his face under his eyes covered with blood! Yep, he was covered in it and it was furiously dripping from his chin and nose.
Yuck. I can deal with blood, but after one of my children lost a tooth while eating chocolate covered cherries, my stomach hasn't been the same around it. I was not well and had to turn my back and shout out some instructions. Mr did all the footwork. April helped a bit so I vacated the area and went back to bed. Mr came up 10 minutes later after cleaning the carpet and "plugging up the leak", so to say.
"What a strange night!",I thought as I drifted back to sleep dreaming of what I thought had really happened.
And would you like to know what I thought really happened?
Here's how my mind works........

I think April did it!

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I miss you guys...