Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No more "NORMAL".

I bet you are wondering what that word "normal" means. I wonder it too a lot. "Am I "normal", "Is this 'normal'?"
Normal means a lot of things to a lot of people, but if you stop to look at yourself and question yourself, then you find out that you aren't considered "normal".
I am not living the norm, neither is anyone I know, with the exception of some older folks.
God makes us in his own image and we are so like Him, but we are not perfect in any means. That means we aren't normal nor perfect.

Well that is enough sermonizing today, but think about it.
Just think about it.

Now for the shocking news.
My husband has prostate cancer.
We found out last Monday morning and had such a busy day that we didn't get a chance for an in depth discussion until last night and this morning it continued.

SO many things to consider, so many options and they all have side effects. We have done our best to use natural/homeopathic remedies for years and something like this makes you wonder if it was worth it at all? No, I can't say that it wasn't worth the effort, but I do wish I had been more vigilant, more stringent. I certainly will keep up harder with living a healthier life. It's alright to have a corn dog every once in a while, but processed and preserved foods(and the likes) are going to have to "Go the way of the dinosaur".

I will get off my soapbox and get back to business, but I want to post some pictures from our "Last day of normal."
We went to Thetford Forest Park with some friends from our church. It was a great day out of the house and kept me from "feeling the blues".

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Carla Raley said...

Not sure my comment showed up, so I'll say again that I am sorry, and I'll add your husband and you too, to my prayer list!