Monday, October 3, 2011

A Challenge!

It has been a week since I decided to do this. So to make myself accountable, I have to let the world know!!!! .
I, Misty Harris, challenge Malaka Grant to a "Weight Off".

I have seen through this last year (well, I can't remember how long I have read your blogs and known you), that the both of us have put on an unhealthy and unacceptable amount of weight.
We have both borne children in the last year and have suffered with the after effects of a cesarean section. We don't get enough rest, eat too much unhealthy food, and don't move enough to get rid of all that excess. The overhanging belly tells me that it is time to go.
No more fat and fluffy for me!

How about you?
We both lead extremely busy lifestyles, but we deserve better!

If you accept this challenge, you may proceed by any means necessary.
Your family should participate with you by being active with you for at least 1-2 hours a week. This can include such outdoor activities as playing, washing the car, gardening, chasing chilrens, walking, hiking Mt. Killahiker, basketball or some kind of sport.
Soda needs to leave our diets along with fast foods. You may have a free day but only one free day a week. (And you can't roll it over to the next week!) Beware that this day of "free food paradise" may satisfy the craving that only Snickers may fill but may set you back on the scale. You may want to purge your cabinets of any temptations.

Whatever devices you choose to use; becoming a vegetarian, diet supplements, at home liposuction, Dr. Pepper, Dr.Phil, cabbage soup or exercise (oh my gosh-that means sweat!).
Do whatever it takes!
* (I am not liable if you hurt yourself- please do this in a sensible, adult manner.)(Legalities, legalities!)

One of us has to lose at least 15 pounds by Christmas. If you break that down, that gives you 12 weeks to lose it.
We have to check in at least every 2 weeks with news of our progress.

Can you do this?
Will you accept my challenge and defeat me... or crawl away with your tail between your fat thighs???

Get your Spandex ready!

(The Grand Prize will be given to the winner by the loser no later than Dec 31st.)

Malaka replied with this weak message; I, Malaka Grant, hereby ACCEPT your challenge! My goal size is an 8. I am currently an 18. No more fat and fluffy for me either! What's the grand prize? A chocolate cake? Just kiddin', just kiddin'.


Malaka said...

You see that face? That face means 'bidness'! Can you stand the heat?!?!

akitchenqueen said...

Hey,you better get out of the kitchen!!

Aleceia said...

Aunt Misty you look like a mean Momma! Keep us updated with your progress! Good luck!!! GGGGGOOOOOO TTTTEEEAAAAMMMMM HHHHAAAARRRIIIISSSS!!!! whhhhhoooooo hoooooo!!!!!