Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's been two months already?

I really should be ashamed of myself for thinking that I could keep up with all of the things going on in my life and try to blog about it. So many things to juggle and so little time in which to do them.

You would think that since I have no real "home" to live in and maintain, that I would have more time on my hands to do the fun things that I like doing, say like, sewing, crafting and blogging. But in reality, I have less time. Our days are spent driving around looking for houses and apartments, dropping off children to school, picking up irresponsible adult-like teenagers from school, Dr appointments, and searching for food. Yep, searching for things to eat.
You see, the little hotel room in which we have been inhabitating for the last 3+ months has no oven and only 2 tiny burners in which I cannot put a large skillet and a good sized 2 qt. pot on it and cook at the same time. There are some heavy eating teens in our family entourage and they have to be fed a couple of times daily (at least), so a meal with us is not just a salad, buddy! I used to be a-cooking and a-baking more often so we would normally have a good amount of leftovers and an ample supply of things to cook in the pantry. Our current pantry can only hold about 3 half full grocery bags of food before the doors bulge out.
Hmmmmmm, I lost my train of thought........
Oh, add to that the lack of an oven or bbq grill and you can see that half of the meals we would normally cook can't exist in our repertoire anymore!
Now with all of that coupled with a nearly self educating preschooler, one lazy home school 15yr old, an almost college student, a partial seeing, new-to-Montessori-school student whom I have to transport to and fro, house hunting, lonely older relatives, high maintenance adults, needy relatives, OCD family members, long distance family members, loved ones from overseas, an upcoming wedding and a toddler with destructive tendencies, then you can see that I have little time for myself.

Most likely you have called me and I was driving, so my handy personal assistant took a message and I was supposed to call you back, but didn't. I have to say that it might take me 3 days to 6 weeks to get back to you depending on the level of busyness that I am drowning it at the time. My handy assistant will remind me multiple times until I actually contact you back. I am so sorry!

Each week I think of all the things I could write about but when my body touches the bed, there is a mental eraser that hits me and BAM!, I forget what I was thinking about.
So feel free to remind me, call me, nag me and/or email me till you get the results you meant to acheive!

Anywho, we are alive and have been busy lately. Eye surgery for the preteen and hernia repair for Mr, all within 8 days of each other.
 I think at this rate and level of stress, I might need a wig for Christmas!

Next Blog: The Misspelling of Amerika (And How did Santa get a stake in his mouth?)

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Aleceia said...

How...could or would anyone spell America like that? Hmm...I give up on that last one lol!!! I'm writing a screen play on your blogs!!! This had to be televised!!!!!!