Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Misspelling of Amerika (And How did Santa get a stake in his mouth?)

Good Morning Chilrens!
Todays' topic is "How English Has Gone Downhill Since Texting and Twitting Took Over!" or also known as, " The Misspelling of Amerika (And How did Santa get a stake in his mouth?)"

If you feel how I do, then the current status of American English makes you grow hair out of your ears! It all began a few years ago .......... I noticed that many words on billboards and posters began to pop up with mysterious punctuation misspellings; mainly apostrophe marks in silly places. No, wait, it actually started somewhere back in the 1950's when folks were making signs for doughnut shops and ran out of space so they spelled "Donuts" instead. (Do you see where I am going with this already?)
So back to the signs of today with their misplaced apostrophes',(do you see that one back there? That's what I am talking about!) Words like kids', Wedding's, birthday's, you know, bad punctuation like that. I am a little OCD when it comes to things, but it tears me up when I receive a text like this, "I'm tryna c wat time yall goin 2 cum ovr?"
Do you see that?? That is the type of English that makes teachers jump off ledges!!! What is going on in the education system today that stifles the encouragement of correct English? Is this just me or what? Tell me I am not just paranoid?
So the reason I came up with this post is that while picking up my niece from school, I passed a couple of signs that had me gasp at the inability to proofread. One sign was on a Dairy Queen billboard and it said, "Stake Basket Sale $4.99. Now we happened to be talking about Santa when we passed this sign and seeing that it pertained to food, someone in the car shouted out, "Here Santa, have a stake in your mouth!". Oh, the laughter that ensued after that!
I wasn't going to turn around a take a picture right then- I would do it when I passed by in 2 days, but someone must have noticed the misspelling and fixed it by the next drive-by.

Now the second sign is a true insult to Hispanic culture. I can't believe that it has remained unfixed for at least 4 months! This one you really had to see to believe. How can you misspell tamales???

I know that you have to cut back on the quantity of words you use when texting and twittering, but does the quality have to diminish also? With these unlimited calling/texting plans, can't you just send 2 or three texts??

So, there is my gripe of this week.
What do you think about the current state of spelling? In my opinion, it sux!

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Regina said...

I hear you Misty or shall I say "I here yu?" I think it all stems from pure laziness in our godless culture.
Or people just don't care anymore.
How are you anyway? How is your family?