Monday, December 8, 2008

Black Holes and Laundry

Alright. Where are they? I've been questioned about it for the last time. I don't know where the underwear have gone and I haven't seen them. Either they don't make it out of your room or they get into the hamper and disappear into the black hole.
Tell me, is this happening at your house too? I don't understand it. Sure,supply-wise, I make sure that everyone has a weeks worth of undergarments each plus a couple of extra, but where do they go in the meantime? Aruba? Yes, the children have 2 days of laundry each as their chores, and I end up doing most of that, but honestly, where could they hide them if they wanted too? And if they wanted to hide them, could they even find any?
Are we talking in circles here? I think it's time for the laundry swat team!
I'll let you know what happens after the raids begin.

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