Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Friday night and I ain't got nobody...........

Yes, I was alone. In the car. For 30 minutes! It was dark and cold and I was lonely. Being alone sometimes is lonely. I am so used to a small crowd or my little person next to me chanting for food, that I don't get a chance for peace and quiet. Someday they will all be gone and I will really feel lonely but for now I'll enjoy the blessings of my leg being used as a transportation device to get from room to room, having to share just about EVERYTHING I eat with whomever followed me into the kitchen, and carpooling everywhere I go, to include extra children who just happen to be in the stampede.
Besides, isn't the bathroom "THE PLACE" for peace and quiet?

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Texans 4 Life said...

NOPE...the bathroom is not a place for "PEACE" especially with my mom and I am 20! I've been doing it for so long its kinda natural and my sisters do it as well:)