Monday, June 29, 2009

It's hot

Okay, I know this is the fact around the world, but it's hot here.The heat coupled with, of all things-a SUMMER COLD, make one miserable and cranky. Yes, it's noticeable that I am cranky too. We are also getting ready for an insane road trip too. So, the intense heat of 78 coupled with a cold, add to that the packing and cleanup of my house so that when we get back, we will have guests have made me crankier than normal.

I am bathing myself in prayer and also Chloe who burned her hands on a bbq grill yesterday resulting in 1st and 2nd degree burns on her palms. Don't ask me how it happened- I was watching the other 3 children and playing a game of Pit and had left her in her fathers care. I just know there was a bunch of commotion and people running around then Darryl came up and was holding her. There was a bowl of ice water involved and I suggested some Aloe Vera gel which must have helped a little bit because her screaming went down a few decibels upon applying it. She also had a dose of Tylenol to help dull the pain. We were at a church bbq and I suggested taking her home would probably make everyone feel better at that time. He dropped me off at home and she cried/screamed for at least another hour and a half then promptly passed out. I finally called the nurse advice line and they suggested what I thought already- take her in to get it checked on. So after the other party goers came in, Spring Chick and Chloe and I went to the ER. Met a fantastic Dr, wonderful nurses and the best bunch of techs anyone could have asked for and was in and out of the door in about an hour! Yes, less than an hour! What a blessing!
She has some Tylenol with codeine for pain and antibiotic cream for when the blisters break open, also an appt for a follow up in 24 hours.
Keep her in prayer- the hands are a terrible place for a burn and especially on an active toddler, infection can set in quickly. And you know how little people like to touch things........

Our insane road trip begins here with a lovely drive to Germany to catch a hop to California. From there we will repair our old Volvo and drive it to scorching hot Texas where we will go to a juvenile arthritis conference in Houston. From there we try to catch a plane back to Baltimore and then over to Germany. Hmmmm, sounds like a great leap of faith, so pray for us on that issue also.
So for now, I am going to pack and sweat and pray and sweat some more.

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MamaOlive said...

SO the answer to your question of the last post is, "yes." You are in England, planning a road trip across southern USA. I thought we had the adventure bug, but we have nothing on you. :-D Have fun!
Poor Chloe. Praying for a speedy recovery.