Sunday, May 9, 2010

My condition-An update

Seeing that I've left you hanging on the edge of what is wrong with me, I'm sure it's time for an update.
I have been back and forth to Cambridge, Addenbrookes, Spire Lea, and Lakenheath seeing doctors and being tested for so many things. I probably need a tranfusion myself after the many draws they have taken. I have faith that whatever it is, God can deal with it or move back to the states and hole ourselves up on a ranch somewhere, acting suspiciously till the feds come and see that we are doing nothing more than growing herbs and becoming nudists.(okay-you KNOW I'd never do that. People have known me for years and have never seen my skin except from the elbow or midcalf down!)
Okay now back to reality, so after seeing all of these drs, waiting for weeks for test results, being called on my PERSONAL cellphone by drs (one called me 3 times in ONE day, mind you. April says they call that stalking, I think I'm popular, ha ha),living with horrible joint and muscle pain and having to crawl to get around this house to get things done, I saw the rheumatologist ONE LAST TIME on Thursday.
(Did I tell you I put 300 miles on the van this week alone? Darryl had a hole in his heart plugged up on Wed -an ASD, they call it, and I had 2 appointments on that same day which had me driving from Lakenheath to Papworth, to Cambridge, back to Papworth, back through Cambridge, and then home. He ended up staying the night and I had to go and pick him up at lunchtime the next morning at Papworth, past Cambridge, back to Cambridge to get him lunch at McD's and then home. So you see where I'm coming from? Going round in circles! Ha, ha, ha!) Yes, I feel like I am losing it. He seems to be doing alright except for overdoing it the first 2 days, but he only has a half inch cut on his groin instead of having his chest cracked open, so he got away easy, THANK the Lord! If he is so hurt now, I could only imagine..............
Now back to me.... So the new diagnosis is UNIDENTIFIABLE! Can you believe that? Dr. Speed kept telling me she was sorry, but she couldn't figure out what was wrong with me except that something was wrong and they couldn't pinpoint it. Maybe it is pregnancy related and will go away after the baby is born. She couldn't guarantee that, but she was sorry and if my symptoms got worse then she is a phone call away.
Are you as frustrated as I am? I bet not! I just know I need to know something and I want to not feel pain and achiness all the time. I want to be normal again and hop out of bed in the morning to get breakfast started. I want to sit down and not have to adjust the pillows so my legs won't hurt. I want to be able to go to bed and not have to move and shift to be comfortable for 30 minutes then have some lightening pain shoot through my joints facilitating me having to reposition 3 pillows and recomfort myself again. I want to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night without fear of falling and having to use any solid piece of furniture to support my LONG 15 foot journey to a 2 hour relief.
I pray for something to help me be patient and have peace right now. I pray for my family who has half a me, and a grumpy half of me to deal with. Even Mr needs prayer for his speedy recovery so I can get him back to work and not be angry that he is sitting around playing video games and watching movies(resting, they call it) while I am trying to get things done.(Is that selfish?)
Pray for my niece to make it here safely on Thursday morning so I can hand over the reigns to her.
And most of all, I pray for Chloe who is about to be knocked out of her pole position by a new short person in town. She and I have so much fun together that I can't imagine someone else coming between us.
Lord help me!

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Asia said...

well all i can say is i'm praying, and remember your other daughter isn't too far away!!