Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, Monday. La, la, la, la, la, la.

Ahhh, the end of a looong weekend and I am toast. Yep. Can you feel it? So much to do and so little of tired old me to do it. I thinketh that I am gonnaeth getteth a cupeth of teaeth. Okay, I must be talking like Winnie the Pooh (someone in my house calls him Winnie the Poop!), so confusing that there is no sanity.
Anyway, in my kitchen there is a floor heater. Why? Well, there is NO HEAT whatsoever in my kitchen so they lovingly installed a floor heater so our little toes wouldn't freeze off. On Saturday, we started to notice that there were wet spots on the grout between the tiles. We'd mop and it would soon appear again and we would blame Wyndon for spilling something and not cleaning it up. Well, it kept happening and we started to blame Elise for the wet socks that began to plague the laundry that day. Then it was wet again and we wondered if the dishwasher had gone leaky. So we mopped up the water one more time and went on with life.
SUNDAY- The floor was wet again. We got onto Wyndon and told him to QUIT IT with the spilling of water and not cleaning it up. He pleaded with us that it wasn't his fault and he was sick in bed- sick, throat hurting, feverishly ill, sick. I said SURE! You could have snuck down for a drink and spilled it, Dude. I have no compassion for fakers and stop eating that Tylenol like candy. You are not THAT sick!
Needless to say, he stayed home from church, still sick in bed. I stayed with him since the baby was congested and breathing like Darth Vader all night.
Sunday afternoon, Mr and the girls came home from church to a wet kitchen floor AGAIN.
We mopped and wiped and examined the dishwasher again for any signs of cracked pipes or something. Nope-it was clean and clear for the dishwasher. So Mr was lying on the floor looking around and under whatever he could see,(but you can't see anything because the floorboards are sealed at the bottom with silicone). I suggested that he dismantle the floor heater and see if it was coming out from there. So he did. I also suggested that he cut on the heater and maybe it would dry up the wet mess that kept oozing from underneath (Can you see the movie title??-"IT CAME FROM UNDERNEATH") He gently stated that someone could be electrocuted or I could possibly throw out the breaker and I'd be the one going out in the pouring rain to cut it back on. "UMMM, I guess not", I say and then go on to say, "Well it was a good idea." Mr cleared his throat as if he were saying "You really want to get rid of me, don't you?"
The dismantling begins and a yucky old water smell radiates from underneath and we were all wondering if the fridge had died and had spilled it's contents underneath the cabinets too.
Conclusion- For some reason, there is some kind of hose connected to the heater(??what in the world??)and it is leaking. PROFUSELY. The kitchen floor is really slick and wet. I have mopped till the cows have come home and slipped on that floor. Now it's time for THEM to fix it. I can see it now. "Ms Harris, could you empty all of those cabinets so we can tear them out and fix this pipe that is embedded underneath them???"

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Aleceia said...

hahahaha! u remember when I lived on Blackmore street and there was a fridge that leaked in the kitchen. That every time (just about) someone slipped. Thats what this story reminds me of. Everyone got it!!!