Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beef. It's what we had for dinner.........

I was busy washing and washing the pile of dishes that had congregated on the counter by the sink. They were there because my son has a lazy streak and I couldn't stand seeing dirty muffin pans waiting to be cleaned before they rusted away. Besides, I paid good money for them and want them to last until the children move away and then I'll get a REALLY good set for myself. (Wait, did I just say that?) Anywho, I HAD to get my kitchen cleaned for my own sanity.
So tonight was Taco Night and we had the usual taco meat with homemade seasoning, refried beans, Spanish rice, tomatoes, chopped spinach,avocado, cheese and salsa.
Since I was a-cleaning, I had the teenagers making the taco seasoning mix. Well, they aren't the greatest of cabinet searchers and kept asking for the Chili powder. THREE of them looked for it and wait, can you hear the answer? Neither of them found it. From a dark corner of the kitchen I hear,"Hey! Can I use Cayenne pepper instead of Chili powder?
"Are you trying to HURT us?" I blurt out.
I stroll over to the cabinet, move a few jars around and ta-da, here comes the Chili powder.
A while later, dinner is done and we enjoy a lovely meal. Easy, peasy, tacos and all.
Dessert for tonight. Nothing. We were filled charm of a plump and lovely baby playing on the floor.

Here is a picture of the after party.

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Aleceia said...

Where is Chloe? I still haven't met Joycelyn yet...when are ya'll coming to Texas??

Secondly, when are you going to make zuccini bread again?? Its been ages since i had any...yum-o!

Third and lastly, whats the receipe?? I didn't see it on here.

Love you guys!