Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday April!!

We had a birthday girl this weekend! And yes, this is day 2 of the party which has to end tonight so we can get on with our week and our upcoming family vacation.
My baby turned 18!!!!!!!!!
She has been such a good and wonderful child to us. A blessing of the utmost sweetness. Her heart is gold and she is worth her weight in it!
God made her so I could have some peace and fun in my life. I do remember some years of teenage struggles but it was worth it all because I have the best daughter in the world!
Thank you Lord for April!

Her birthday menu consisted of Bacon and Swiss Panini, Cucumber & tomato salad, artichoke dip, a fresh veggie tray and a fresh fruit tray, pink lemonade and instead of cake, she wanted brownie sundaes!!
We had a "Sweet Shoppe" theme so we set up shop with an assortment of jars and bottles filled with candies. There were over 20 different kinds of candies in all!
It was a "sweet" party, (pun intended), for everyone.

But then, the after party began............ (Too much sugar, I think!)

Here is the final photo of the night.....


Katrina said...

Aww!What a fun party! Happy Birthday to April!

Asia K said...

Happy Birthday April!! 18 is awesome!! :-) :-)

raleyfamily said...

Wow, I love her birthday menu!! Wish I could have been there!