Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Dear Friends and Family,

My little family and I are on vacation. We planned for months qnd saved for a long time so that we could make this a debt free and enjoyable visit. I am proud to say that so far this has been a great experience for family. I, on the other hand, am tired as all get out. The "sleeper" is not sleeping and I am going to bed later than 1 am each night and getting up at 6am-ish; My litle older body is pooped and I still seem to be tour guiding, cleaning AND washing the dishes! Is there any justice?
Well, sort of. At least justicecan come in many forms and the form I am choosing is pastry shaped! Where are these pastries I am getting, you say? The are from little shops surrounding my pastry weak natured body. Patisseries and boulangeries surround me every day and each day, I say "YES" to them!
You know where I am, don`t you?

PARIS, France!!!!!!!!!!!

(Pictures are coming!)

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