Sunday, April 3, 2011

An answered prayer about "The child who dosen't sleep.............(much?)"

You wouldn't believe this. The day after I posted about the dark circles and sleeplessness invading my home, God answered my prayer! Little Miss Baby Dear passed out in her highchair while eating lunch! She didn't fuss or anything. She just sputtered and passed out! It was as if someone cut her lights off! I had to make sure by doing the dead arm drop, but she was really asleep! So for proof, I took a picture.

Here it is........

I could say that it got worse or I could say that you get what you ask for, but we went for a walk Saturday afternoon. She was sitting up in her stroller and I thought she was leaning forward to see more in front of her but just then, we hit a bump. Her face hit the tray in front of her and I expected a painful howl and tears all around. What I got was silence and even more slumping forward! I thought I had knocked her out but apparently she was already in La-la land!
My goodness! We shall see what happens this week with all of the sudden napping.


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Malaka said...

Now that is hilarious!!! Cackle caaaaackle!! Praise His holy name I tells ya!