Monday, July 18, 2011

Celebration cake

We like to party. Not the go out to a club and dance party, we mean the balloons and cake because it's the thirteenth time the gate was closed by the same person in a row. Sounds strange and you'd think we partied each week, but no. We haven't had a proper party with cake for a while so when my 3 yr old finished reading,(or having the Bible read) to her, then it felt time to have a cake. I asked her what kind she would like and she said,"A Joseph Cake". Hmmm,Joseph cake......Ughhh, Joseph cake. Ohhh, Joseph and the cake of many colors!! I had it! And better yet, I'd seen a cake of many colors and I could try to make one too! So I did and this is what it looked like on the outside.


Beware, this called for more frosting than I was ever prepared to make at 8pm at night. Did I say I was tired and should have done this in the morning?
Also, never try a new undertaking without checking for all of your ingredients first. My pantry usually stays well stocked but with summer and 2 cooking teenagers- well, things have disappeared at an astoundishing rate lately. They seem to eat all day. I had to go to the store twice today and I. wasn't. happy.

Even with all of that, she was so happy and the cake was delish! (Too much sugar for my tummy, but well worth the smiles. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
I will do it again and fix that icing!


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Susanna said...

What a lovely way to celebrate! A lot of effort but you made special memories.