Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Beginning of Something Undescribable

We, no, I decided to really get off the fence and bring Montessori principles into our home full of little ones (okay, just a couple of little ones). I decided to start our first real day of integration with several St. Patrick’s Day projects for my 4yr old to do. I had planned for many days and only had to go to the garage to get the gold coins for counting and adding to the pot of gold. Well, that fateful morning came and I had a crazy whim- let’s got to Ikea! I had been wanting to go for months and had been looking for an opportunity to go. I was sure that the activities I had planned were only going to last for an hour so at the last minute the plans changed- we were going to Ikea!! Yea!

Now the logistics of going on a trip with 2 little ones is quite comical. We live in England, the island of ever-changing weather.You have to be prepared for everything at all times.

Here is how that happens…………..

First, you have to have the little one dressed for the weather AND for the car trip. Do NOT forget spare clothes or you will go back home immediately and curse the fact that you were unprepared.

Second, you will need snacks, lots of them in a variety of tastes and textures since drive-throughs with healthy food do not exist anywhere on the planet.

Thirdly, you have to have a full tank of petrol (gas), just in case the traffic jam from outer space pops up and you are diverted through 22 miles of English countryside in the opposite direction of where you are heading. (Yes, that has actually happened to me here- twice!)

Fourthly, since the entourage you travel with always has a tricky and sensitive bladder, you have to carry a porta-potty unless you want to hold someone’s tushy in the bushes because the nearest toilet is not close enough!

Lastly, time your excursion between the hours of nursery school ending and the last child arriving home from school because if you leave the certain two at home together, you will have to replenish all snack supplies and leftovers because they were still hungry after eating the snacks that you left for them.

Now, get all these packed items to the back door and prepare to walk out. Spot check little girls and wonder why is one drooling?

OH NO! SHE IS THROWING UP!!! I can’t believe this! We got this far!!!!!!!!

Ikea trip cancelled!


I guess we will start again next week…………

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