Sunday, March 4, 2012

What Happens When a Tooth Fairy Loses a Tooth?

Absolute chaos!
Last week, my tooth fairy was put out of commission for having to have a baby tooth pulled from TF's (Tooth Fairy) mouth. Now this TF has been on the job for several years and has been quite creative in the way they deliver and reply to those letters from the children. Once they wrote back on a cute letterhead explaining to the recipient that they needed to stop sucking their thumb or else they would never see TF again. The sucking of teeth made their teeth protrude so offensively that there was no way to get a good price on those bent teeth, therefore the child would only get half price on teeth transactions!

I personally thought that this was really creative on the part of the TF.
Who else comes up with such a fancy story that could almost sound true to unsuspecting readers?
So the TF was out of commission and I was left to pick up the pieces. There were a lot of pieces since the tooth had been broken when the Dr pulled it out! (You catch that pun?) The real TF tries to make the exchange on the night of the incident. Remember, sooner is better than forgotten!
Day 1- I forgot. TF reminded me that they had been forgotten.
Day 2- I forgot. Again!
Day 3- No money for the exchange.
Day 4- I receive a nasty note about the past due payment.
Day 5- Tf asks if they have to do the job for themself, but they can't because they do have any money!
Day 6- The tooth is missing. Stolen by unsuspecting preschoolers and lost in the room dubbed, "The Black Hole".
Day 7- Found and exchanged for $2.00. TF scolded me for making them look bad and they wouldn't leave the job to me again if they ever had to! They also said that I was CHEAP!
Well, my feelings could have been hurt but nope! I completed the job and gave it back to the TF to continue the reign over dental storage and exchanges!
That was 6 months ago!
Guess what?
TF had another baby tooth pulled last week!
Here we go again because I forgot to be the substitute.
Well, that explains those nasty looks I've been getting at the dinner table!

(Now off to find some money..........)



Aleceia said...

Wow!!!! Shame shame shame!!! Lol..I cried! I had to read it twice to get it but good grief.I would love to read those letters!!! I said priceless entertainment

*Melanie* said...

what????? wow!!!!

erica said...

Lol.... Ima say wow just to keep the comment ball rolling Haha