Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is the "Farce" With You?

I know that the title of this is a play on words, but I really mean to pose this as a question.
Is the Farce with you?
Does everything you do have a tinge of comedic drama to it?
Can your life be put on screen as a sitcom?
Do your cheeks hurt from laughing most of the time?
Have you pushed a van that broke down in a drive through and received a callous on your hand lately? (Sorry, I just threw that one in there because it happened to me this week.)
Do you have that "Special Someone" in your life who makes you want to lose your sanity, and if your sanity was a solid object, say, a baseball bat, use it as a weapon against them?

If you can say "Yes", to more than 2 of those questions, then you have become one with the "Farce Side".
I have had people come up to me and ask- "Is what I read on your blog really true?
Frankly, I'd like to say "Yes, but truthfully, I'd have to say .............................. Drumroll please............ YES!
Now you know that I really do live the life of "I Was Lucy"!

I was angry at my brother for needing money this week and ran out of words to say so I called him a farce of adulthood. Anyone can be angry and curse, but it takes creativity to call someone something uninsulting and get the point across.
I don't mean to be mean, but sometimes I lose my cool.
Is this you? Do you lose your cool and couth but retain your dignity? Or does your dignity become a handbag and you have to put it down sometimes or use it as a threatening dangerous object?
Personally I don't condone violence, but if you lose your mind then, well, you aren't in control of your faculties at that moment. Wrath or adrenaline takes over and well, they have no logic. That also happened to me last week. I was in the laundry room, kicking through the clean clothes when I had a revelation. "Why am I doing this? Isn't Child #2 supposed to have this in order? Why am I here and they are sitting on their petunia watching tv? That's it!! I am not doing laundry again for any child over the age of 10! So I threw their clothes in their respective clean clothes bins and shoved them in their doorways, yelling "I am not doing YOUR laundry again, and if you EVER leave this laundry room in the state that it is in again, YOUR clothes will be out on the lawn. DO YOU HEAR ME???
Needless to say, I had to go downstairs and tell them this to their faces because no one heard me when I said it the first time!!! I was hysterical and they thought I was hallucinating! I really don't know if I got the point across, but I just asked my oldest and she said that she heard me say something about the laundry and it made her laugh! AWWWWWW MANNNN!

So take it from me, stop, think and breathe or folks will be laughing at your angry moments!

Now that I know that the farce is with me, I should use it to my advantage. Can I get a show on tv or should I get a psychiatrist to visit me?
Should we all join our farces together and change the world for the better?

(This post is brought to you by delirium of sickness.Two weeks and it's still going on......)


Asia said...

I am laughing so hard while reading this.
I miss my 2nd family so much!!!!

Dee said...

I'm glad that I stumbled across your blog, I really enjoyed reading it. By the way, the farce is with me and my family, too. I can certainly relate. I've got at leat two seasons worth of 'funny' material from my teenagers alone, not to mention my husband, who would keep the laughs going for the rest of the year.

*Melanie* said...

ok....we are taking a creative writing class and doing a screenplay with stories from school and this we can be rich!!!!