Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas revisited

Here we are nearly a week after Christmas and I am just writing about it. This hesitancy should be easy to explain since this year we were missing a key person. I tried my best to "keep my chin up", but you could tell that my heart wasn't completely in it. We tried for a simple Christmas and I think we achieved it. Our focus wasn't on the worldly aspect of it, but the spiritual. Like it goes, "Jesus is the reason for the season". We had a simple meal, but it wasn't the same because I couldn't call my mom for advice. We are usually awakened it the morning by my mom who asks the children if they opened their gifts yet. She was and is a vital part of any celebration or activity in our life and I'm feeling her absence so deeply.

The children had gifts of meaning and I made them each a fabric cone and filled them with little things like chocolate coins, peppermints, gift certificate to a restaurant and one individual gift that they REALLY needed (April-a lovely key ring, Wyndon-a manly manicure set, Elise-some sweet hair clips and Chloe- $2.00 for some ice cream, her favorite!).
I received a large wooden chest filled with silverware! Quite a surprise!
Mr. Dad received several games to put some "fun" back into his life.
Everyone was happy but we sure missed those phone calls from Mom..

Many Blessings,

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