Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When birthday cake goes wrong.

We survived what could have been a disaster today. April had made the cupcakes the night before and they tasted fine.(I am a fresh freak. I have been known to make cakes up to an hour before they are to be presented, but I thought I'd try to work in advance.) They had a bit of a sugary crunch to it. Hmmm, tasted fine, icing should mask the sugary crunch of it. Let's go to bed, it's late.
Next morning, 45 minutes before the party, April goes to assemble the cupcake mountain and it wasn't acting right- nope, it didn't need a spanking, it just wouldn't set up. She took a bite, made a face, I took a bit and by golly, the whole thing went crunch! Hmmm, no icing in the world would mask that texture. Lord, HELP US!!!!!
Okay, I already asked for a "Loaves and Fishes" miracle with the frosting since I only made 2 kinds instead of 3. I didn't think it would be enough for 10 children, but THANK YOU LORD, I came home with leftovers!
Back to the cake saga.......... We had to get out of the door, the clock was ticking, snow and ice on the ground, needed to set up. What's a mom to do??? Send Dad to the store. Well, I had to get cracking since folks were on the way. Wonderfully, everyone arrived late and gave us time to get it together.
When I walked into the door of the community center, the young man in charge said that I had cancelled the party, and since there was no heat in the building, they were going to close early anyway. I asked him if he could hold that closure for me to have the party and do something with all of that food. I probably could have pinched Elise, made her cry and gotten the same results, but I wasn't going to go that low to get results. He said that he would stay if the heat came on and low and behold, 20 minutes later, it did!!!! Wow! It was a Miracle Happening Birthday!! I can't be thankful enough!
The party went well, no one became sick from too much candy from the gingerbread houses they were making, and most of all, Elise was happy!

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