Thursday, December 3, 2009


Okay, we are on the border of an outbreak here. Sunday evening, Chloe had large blisters on the soles of her feet. Try as I might, I couldn't think of what could have caused it. New shoes-no, new stockings-no, running a mile or two in combat boots-impossible, she can't even lift a pair of boots! What happened?

Darryl thought that she got into bathroom cleaner, but even if she did that, she would have confessed shortly thereafter especially if there were any ill side effects. She knows what a burn feels like since she put her hands on a hot BBQ grill in the summer.

So what was it? This was one of those times when I even questioned my sanity. Lord what is it??? Monday morning came and I was mental toast. I almost had it figured out when I looked at her hands and they were blistered also! AAHHH, I know there is a simple answer but it didn't hit me until I called to get her an appointment at the pediatric clinic. When the lady asked me about all of her symptoms, she paused for a moment and it hit me-Hand Foot and Mouth! That's what I thought and that's what she said. Oh, what a weight lifted off of my shoulders! I wasn't crazy after all and my memory still worked, albeit 12 hrs later, but it still works! Now the diagnosis was made and the rules of good conduct were stated to me: Stay home and try not to contaminate anyone else-playgroup, visiting friends, etc, Wash hands frequently,Tylenol for any fever and keep her well hydrated. That hydration thing is easy, she is a major drinker, has an affinity for watered down orange juice and the occasional cup o'milk.

I notified all the other families that she has been around and no one else had it. The hospital told me that my other little people were probably too old to get it, but make sure they keep clean. Okay- we are in QUARANTINE!!!!

Now where did it come from? Hmm, Africa Sunday? Playgroup? I want to KNOW who gave it to us!!!!!!!!!! So, that question may never be answered but I won't lose sleep over it. And to all those parents who let their sick children out and contaminate others, SHAME ON YOU! I am going to pray hard for folks like that because they give others so many troubles that don't need to happen for the sakes of convenience or whatever.

Marimbe from church has it, but she had a fever before she got the spots. Shari and her crew have it, but they have it worse than us- the sores are in their mouths! Bless them, so much pain. I'm sorry folks- if I had only known beforehand that we had been exposed I would have kept her at home.

The High School nurse thought I was talking about "hoof and mouth disease, but wouldn't listen to an explanation of the correct condition, so i've marked her off my list of sane people.(She is forgiven but clearly a confused person).
Now April has the spots on her hands and Wyndon has some bumps in his mouth.
Elise has a few on her hands so another week in the house for us!!!

Send reinforcements!

Here is a picture of what it looks like.

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MamaOlive said...

Bummer! I just hope Elijah doesn't get it.

Are we still good for Saturday? We'll just be contaminated together, I guess.