Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's Cooking Dec 5-10?

Here is my new addition to the blog because someone consistently asks "What's cooking at your house"?
Saturday 5 Dec
-Homemade Kolaches with cream cheese or cherry filling
-Pizza at Shari's house, snickerdoodles
Sunday 6 Dec
-Mini sausages surrounded by phyllo pastry.(It was supposed to be puff pastry but I picked up the wrong package.
- Philly cheese steak sandwiches with lots of red, yellow and green peppers, corn on the cob

Monday 7 Dec
-Fried egg with 1 slice of ham served on a cheese bap (a soft bun baked with cheese on the top)
-Ramen noodles with chopped cabbage and sesame oil
- Crockpot!! Smoked ribs with sauerkraut(I added some onions, chopped cabbage, carraway seed and cream of mushroom soup to mellow the flavors then cooked it for 8 hrs)Served over boiled potatoes

Tuesday 8 Dec
-French toast and Lincolnshire sausages ( I saved 2 for another breakfast)
-crockpot meal rehashed for me. Boiled potatoes with bacon and cheese for Chloe
-Tortilla soup! It was really good. Filling but not a overeat sort of filling

Wed 9 Dec
-Eggs scrambled with minced Lincolnshire sausages and parsley, crumpets with butter and strawberry preserves.
- sandwiches
-Filipinana- chicken adobo, beef bulgogi, garlic chicken, sesame chicken, lumpia(eggrolls), sliced fresh veggies and rice

Thursday 10 Dec
- Sausage balls, toast with jam
-I can't remember!
-Chef's Delight (fridge cleanout)

That's all folks!!

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